Email of the Day: You Help Me Get Out of Bed Every Morning

By Dr. Laura on August, 26 2021
Email of the Day: You Help Me Get Out of Bed Every Morning

I used to spend two hours in my car each day commuting. When the pandemic hit and we were sent home to work, I decided to take advantage of the two extra hours and committed to walking five miles a day. I kept to it for over a year, lost 20 pounds and I felt great – happier, healthier and proud of myself. When our company announced we would be returning to work full-time last month, I was really disappointed. I didn’t want to give up my fitness routine. I complained to my husband that in order to keep up my walks, I’d have to get up before 5:30 each morning, and I hate getting up early. That’s when he said to me β€œAre you saying you can’t do it because it’s too HARD?”


He was proud he could quote back a β€œDr. Laura-ism” to me, after all these years of my telling him stories after listening to you.


Well, that was the kick in the fanny I needed. I did return to work, but now I set my weekday alarm for 5:20AM, and lay my clothes right next to the bed so I can put them on before I’m even fully awake. I’ve added jogging too so I can get more mileage in the time I have. I love that I get time to work on myself before I take care of anyone else. There are still days I want to linger in my comfy bed, but I remember your words, and I get up, knowing it’s going to be a good day.



You Help Me Get Out of Bed Every Morning




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