About the Designer
Dr. Laura Schlessinger, your artist in residence for this Operation Family Fund Boutique, has been helping people be and do better in their lives for almost four decades on radio. She is happily nestled in at SiriusXM 109 and enjoying the ability to be heard live across the country (and any time you want on podcasts!).

Dr. Laura (as she started to be called at the beginning of her on-air career by folks who gave up on pronouncing "Schlessinger") has always been involved in working for various charities, especially those having to do with children and military veterans. She became very committed to Operation Family Fund (operationfamilyfund.org) when she learned that they give 100% of donations directly to the families of severely injured military. Between selling her personally handcrafted jewelry online, and various public appearances (most notably her "Birthday Dance Bashes") she raised almost two million dollars for OFF.

Here she goes again! One thing about Dr. Laura that amazes all of us is that she is constantly on the prowl to learn new things: weaving, hand-knitting, polymer clay, wire wrapping, and most recently, fine silver metal clay and glass arts. She owns four kilns for glass and one for the silver metal clay. She is particularly enthralled with glass arts. This boutique is the recipient of her passion and hard work. She has been working most of this year to learn and produce lovely glass art (bowls, platters, clocks, etc.) and to make fine silver jewelry. We are very excited to present her work with the goal of helping the families of our severely injured military.

Dr. Laura wants to show deep appreciation for the companies and people who helped her make this all possible:

BLINDS.COM has given a generous donation to Operation Family Fund.
DELPHI GLASS (Lisa Parks) provided a generous amount of beautiful glass.
PACIFIC ARTGLASS provided a generous amount of beautiful art glass.
CREATIVE PARADISE (Stephanie O'Toole) donated wonderful impression molds.
COLOUR DE VERRE provided casting molds for 3-dimensional glass accent pieces.
JUBILEE CREATIVE (Ann L. Klos) provided casting molds for 3-dimensional glass accent pieces.
ART CLAY WORLD, USA (Jackie Truty) provided a generous amount of high quality silver clay.
SLUMPYS has provided fascinating molds for bowls.
COATINGS BY SANDBERG (Howard Sandberg) sent incredibly gorgeous dichroic glass.
COVINGTON ENGINEERING (Dan Drouault) personally delivered a glass saw and wet sander.
GEMINI SAW CO. provided a Taurus 3 Saw, revolution stand, dichroic blade, and separating blade.
PARAGON KILNS (Shelia Collins) provided two kilns at cost.
AAE GLASS (Mark Veit) provided enamel decal sheets and silver pendant settings.
CORINNE BALDASSANO donated Delphi glass.
MELROSE NAMEPLATE & LABEL absorbed the set-up costs.