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Corporate sponsor, Blinds.com, has given a generous donation to Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. Thank you!

Blinds.com is the world's largest online window covering store, providing custom made blinds, shades, shutters and drapes online and through its friendly, helpful US-based design experts. Blinds.com makes it easy and affordable to transform your home, and is with you every step of the way. Even if you mismeasure, their SureFit Guarantee will make it right! Go to: Blinds.com

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Delphi Glass believes in helping people be creative and making the glass arts enjoyable and rewarding. Delphi fulfills its commitment to the arts by assisting creative projects of individuals, and supporting the development of educational programs in schools and communities. Throughout its history, Delphi has worked towards these goals of fostering the creative arts by providing instruction, supplies, inspiration and customer support. They continue to look for new opportunities to expand their mission to bring creative experiences to more people.

Delphi Glass was the first company to make art glass accessible to everyone. Founded on the belief that creativity should be fun and rewarding, its simple vision has met with great success for over 40 years. Its slogan remains, "Delphi Makes It Easy."

DelphiGlass.com - Lisa Parks
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At Pacific Artglass, they have a winning combination:

Goods: Providing the best in Art Glass tools and materials at the best price. In doing so they hope to proliferate the Art Glass craft by making those hard to find items available to students and the Art Glass professional.

Services: They fabricate or acquire components for commercial artists and hobbyists alike.

Craft: They talk about craftsmanship, that mysterious mix of technical skill and artistic inspiration that is so elusive. It never was just about the money.

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Pacific Artglass
Creative Paradise is dedicated to providing innovative projects and tools to light the creative fire in every artist.  Plaster molds for casting ceramics, plaster forms to aid the clay hand building artist and potter as well as the world's most innovative line of earthenware molds for glass artists are designed and manufactured at our facility in Goddard, KS. Dedicated to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction, Creative Paradise, Inc. continues to discover fresh new concepts and tools.

CreativeParadiseGlass.com - Stephanie O'Toole
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Creative Paradise Inc
Colour de Verre to their knowledge, were the first to introduce reusable, ceramic mold technology to the art glass casting marketplace. They wanted to differentiate themselves from potential imitators, so they decided to adhere to three basic principles: Design, Quality and Innovation. Find out more about them at their website and Facebook page.

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Colour de Verre
Jubilee Creative is a family owned and operated business committed to carrying only the finest glass art products available in the industry, at an affordable price!

While they provide a wide range of glass fusing supplies, tools, and sundries, they are artists at heart! They take pride in creating and producing elegant, easy to use pre-cut glass shapes and designs. All of their pre-cuts are copyrighted original designs, manufactured in the United States, using American-made glass. They are always innovating their process, creating new designs, and seeking to fill their customers' crafting needs!

They also offer original Free Glass Project Guides and Free Learning Guides to introduce their customers to new ideas, products, and tools! They constantly seek to innovate, and they want their customers to have access to the best products and best possible knowledge in the industry.

JubileeCreative.com - Ann L. Klos
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Jubilee Creative
In 2002, Art Clay World USA opened its doors in Oak Lawn, Illinois, which is just southwest of Chicago. On June 21, 2003 Art Clay World opened its new 9,500 square foot facility to the public. As of November 16, 2009, there are over 1600 certified instructors in the United States, and we continue to grow!

Art Clay Silver is pure silver powder combined with non-toxic binders and water. When kiln, torch or gas stovetop fired, the binders burn away, leaving pure, 99.9% silver. Art Clay Silver can be added to a variety of media: glass, ceramics, porcelain and polymer clay to name a few. Once fired, it is pure silver and can be treated like any other pure silver.

ArtClayWorld.com - Jackie Truty
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Art Clay World USA
Slumpy's is on a mission to enhance the warm glass experience. Slumpy's provides tools, know-how and innovation to help Glass Artists around the world increase artistic expression and make the world a better place. Slumpy's has the largest selection and inventory of clay mold forms in the industry... at the best prices too! Offering a huge selection of fusible art glass in a wide variety of colors, quality kilns and fusing tools, and a plethora of accessory products to complete your glass art projects, you'll find everything you need for your studio and everything you want to satisfy your creativity in ONE place.

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Coatings by Sandberg takes pride in creating the finest Dichroic glass available. Through precision manufacturing and careful monitoring, CBS produces Dichroic glass on a variety of glass types. Colors are consistent and uniform. Low color distortion properties at high temperatures make our products the first choice of the most demanding professionals and ideal for novices as well. CBS Dichroic Coatings are specifically designed to be hot worked. They coat their glass for use in: Glass Blowing, Flameworking, Fusing, Slumping, Beadmaking, and any other technique that involves the manipulation of glass with extreme heat. They also offer online ordering for glass products. CBS, Inc. is a family owned corporation.

CBS-Dichroic.com - Howard Sandberg
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Coatings by Sandberg Inc
Covington Engineering is a leader in the manufacture of top quality lapidary and glass equipment. Their products are proudly made and assembled in the United States of America. They are proud of their excellent customer service, and the superior quality and craftsmanship they put into every machine they manufacture.

Covington-Engineering.com - Dan Drouault
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Covington Engineering
Gemini Saw Co. mission is to provide machines to the industry which are efficient, dependable, long lasting, attractive and innovative beyond the state of the art. The Gemini Saw Co started with a 10 X 10 foot shed and an idea. What was needed was a saw designed specifically for people who needed, probably more than anyone, the ability, to cut intricate shapes.

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Gemini Saw Co
About Skutt Kilns & Potter's Wheels: In 1953 father/son team, Ralph and Neil Skutt, manufactured the industry's first multi-sided hobby kiln under the name "Skutt & Sons". The introduction of this new lightweight design revolutionized, not just the ceramic kiln business but the whole ceramic industry by bringing ceramics to the home. Throughout the years Skutt has worked hard to meet the changing needs of their customers, but one thing that has remained constant is their fierce dedication to manufacturing quality products and providing outstanding customer service.

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Skutt Kilns and Potter Wheels
Paragon Kilns was founded as a family company in 1948, Paragon Industries, L.P. is the leading manufacturer of electric kilns and furnaces. They focus on designing high quality standard and custom kilns for the ceramics, glass, porcelain, pottery, heat treating and metal art clay markets. Paragon has invested for a long term commitment in the kiln market by developing a 52,000 square foot manufacturing facility staffed with over 70 full time employees, including two research and development engineers and five customer support agents.

Paragonweb.com - Shelia Collins
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Paragon Kilns
AAE Glass is now a Bullseye Glass Kiln Resource Center and Bullseye distributor. They are distributors for CBS dichroic glass, Olympic kilns, Gemini Saw Company and Carlisle torches. They specialize in the latest glass techniques and offering the most unique classes, workshops, fusing supplies, dichroic and art glass for the fusing industry. Their studio techniques include, kiln formed glass, hand blown glass and lampworking.

AAEGlass.com - Mark Veit
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AAE Glass
Melrose Nameplate & Label, located in Hayward, California, has been in business since 1939, originally manufacturing metal nameplates. In the last two decades, Melrose has diversified, becoming one of the premiere American manufacturers of complex engineered products, including membrane switches, labels, membrane keypads, front panel overlays, touch screens, and 3D logos and emblems -- in addition to the nameplates that gave us our name.

- Shannon Looper
Melrose Nameplate and Label Co