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Blog: Parents of Minors Should Avoid Getting Married

By Dr. Laura on June 10, 2024
Blog: Parents of Minors Should Avoid Getting Married

Even though she listened to me for years and heard me say over and over that 70% of 2nd marriages with minor children end up in divorce, Stephanie and her new husband both brought young kids into their marriage. As things started to unravel, she called me contritely asking what her next step should be. But I had a question too β€” a very important one given that the caller immediately before Stephanie was also having stepparent problems β€” WHERE DID I GO WRONG? 


I'm trying so hard to protect kids from the life-altering drama of remarriages and stepfamilies. Why did this listener ignore the good, clear arguments that I make practically daily on the Dr. Laura program? Why would adults make themselves feel good while giving little to no thought as to what's in the best interest of their own children? Stephanie knew the statistics and had even seen some red fags before the wedding but went through with it anyway. I asked her why she ignored me, and her heartfelt reply was that she simply thought they would be different.


I love optimism when it comes to fighting a scary health situation, tackling a challenge or pursuing a dream, but not when the lives of young children are at stake. I can't tell you how frequently people call into the program and say, β€œI wish I had discovered you sooner! I could have avoided so many mistakes!” No, not really. You won't avoid mistakes if you convince yourself that you are different from millions of others and ignore the advice. 


Please, if you're reading this and you have minor children, DO NOT GET REMARRIED. If the person you're dating has minor children, do not get married. At least not until the kids are adults and out of the house. You might be different. But, what if you're not?


Listen to my Deep Dive podcast episode on stepfamilies, "Stepparent Problems & From Sad Stepchild to Happy Adult."


Now, go do the right thing!



If you had a stepparent as a child, what was your experience like? How did your parent treat your reaction to this sudden and big change? Share your story with me here!



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