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Email of the Day

December 09, 2019
The Feeling of Motherhood
The Feeling of Motherhood


I wanted to share with you a special moment that happened last night when I started reading your new book Love & Life.  I'm 21 weeks pregnant at 35 years old and married to my "boyfriend" for seven years.  This will be our first baby after having had three miscarriages.

Although I felt a few possibly/maybe "flutters" the last day or so, it wasn't until last night when I settled in and started reading your book that I felt the first UNMISTAKABLE movement inside of me!  I was about ten pages in, and it was so startling (in a good way), that I started to tear up. 

I've been an avid listener for the last three years, and I credit you with the great marriage that I have.  I am enjoying Love & Life and look forward to reading more and hopefully feeling more kicks very soon!




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