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August 19, 2019
The Importance of Persistence, Today on Dr. Laura

The Importance of Persistence, Today on Dr. Laura

Hour 1: Dana's adult children no longer wish to speak with her since she's divorced. Should she respect their decision or attempt to repair their relationship?

Hour 2: Julie can't decide where to spend Thanksgiving as her family and in-laws live on separate coasts. To whom should Julie place her priority towards this holiday season?

Hour 3: Nickie is tired of giving and not receiving in her friendship. Should Nickie confront her friend or move on from their relationship?
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August 19, 2019
August 16, 2019
Why Getting Over an Ex Is So Hard
Posted in Dr. Laura Blog
Why does it seem so difficult to get over someone, even if you know that he or she was bad for you? Here are four of the biggest reasons... (read more)
How to Deal with Rejection
August 08, 2019
Posted in Dr. Laura Blog
Rejection is a part of life. It's ugly, painful, frightening, and disappointing, but we can't avoid it. We can only re-frame it... (read more)
Four Secrets To Getting Deals Done
Posted in Work at Home
...An asset sale transaction has a lot of 'moving parts' that all have to synchronize before a closing can take place. These things can't be done in a day or two. Here are four rules I live by when it comes to getting deals done... (read more)
Challenge the New Family Gaps in Your Community Seven Strategies for Comfort, Encouragement, Guidance and Support
Posted in Tip of the Week
Our existing community where we lived, worked, learned, prayed, and played was disrupted when our babies were born. We were struggling young parents, away from our families, and inundated with professional advice. What we lacked was a supportive environment... (read more)
Entering Into Full Partnership With Love
Posted in Relationships
Love often appears at our door as a beggar in disguise. There are countless ancient myths that tell how the gods would show up at the door of someone's home, appearing to be in dire straits... (read more)
3 Ways to Change Your Life Right Now
Posted in Tip of the Week
We all have an area of our life where we want to experience change? Whether you want to find new love, get physically fit, change careers, move to a new home or learn a new skill, there are three simple steps you can follow that will absolutely guarantee new results... (read more)
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