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February 22, 2019
Is Drama Finding You, or Are You Seeking It Out? Today on Dr. Laura

Is Drama Finding You, or Are You Seeking It Out?, Today on Dr. Laura

Hour 1: Veronica is divorcing and needs to speak with her children. Should Veronica give them full details now or reveal over time?

Hour 2: Robert wants to address his daughter's being overweight. Should Robert be blunt with her or keep his opinion to himself?

Hour 3: James destroyed his marriage and is separated from his wife. Are there steps James can take to repair this marriage or is it over?
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February 22, 2019
February 21, 2019
5 Signs He Isn't Going to Marry You
Posted in Dr. Laura Blog
Feeling lovey-dovey and horny is not the same thing as commitment. Here are 5 signs that the guy you're dating has no intention of marrying you... (read more)
How to Keep the Romance Alive in Your Marriage
Posted in Dr. Laura Blog
Marriage starts out as a lot of highs. Then suddenly, all you can see are the lows. You and your spouse start bitching at each other, feeling resentful, and losing what you had. Here are three tips to not lose sight of the romance... (read more)
10-Second Recipes: You Have School Lunches Covered - But What About You?
Posted in Simple Savings
Both you and your kidlets are well into the school year. As the months fly by, many parents become scholars on the subject of lunch. That often means studying school lunch menus to make sure their kids are being served wholesome hot lunches... (read more)
Finding Happiness Following a Diagnosis of Dementia
Posted in Tip of the Week
Today 5.7 million Americans are living with Alzheimer's and related dementias. By 2050 the number is projected to grow to nearly 14 million. Bracing against the disease while standing alongside those diagnosed are family and friends wrapped in an intricate web of perplexing emotion... (read more)
10-Second Recipes: Miniaturize Valentine's Day for Maximum Results
Posted in Simple Savings
Valentine's Day may not seem like the most likely time to put a healthier dessert strategy in play for you, your special someone or your kidlets, but it's the perfect time for a delicious bite in the right direction. If you're looking for a clever way to reduce dessert portions, a bite can go a long way... (read more)
When Marital Abuse Is Invisible: 11 Characteristics to Be Aware of in Your Marriage
Posted in Relationships
Just because there are no bruises, doesn't mean there is no abuse. Picture this. You and 3 friends are having lunch. The conversation is lively...You would never know that one of you is in an abusive marriage... (read more)
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