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July 20, 2018

Signs of a Healthy Intimate Relationship and What To Do If It Isn't, Today on Dr. Laura
Hour 1: The father of Vee's son was jailed for attempted murder! Should she cease all contact or keep the line of communication open?

Hour 2: Diana is fearful about dating since the passing of her husband. How can she get over this fear to find romance again?

Hour 3: Nicole was unable to stay committed in her past relationship. Now that she's in a new relationship, should she reveal her promiscuous past?
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July 20, 2018
July 19, 2018
Posted in Dr. Laura Blog
One of the problems in today's society is that we don't communicate. Most importantly, we don't listen. There can be many reasons why you aren't listening. Maybe you don't want to hear something that is contrary to your ideas or you simply don't want to know things. Here are a few ideas on how to become a better listener. (read more)
July 12, 2018
Posted in Dr. Laura Blog
This idea came from one of our beloved listeners. "On the first day of summer break when we found ourselves out on Antelope Island, my son said, 'A is for Antelope Island,' and an idea was born." (read more)
Posted in Tip of the Week
...It's overwhelming to think about making any life changes, especially when there are 29 ways to do it. It doesn't have to be that complicated, in fact, it's not. By following only four specific rules for habit change it's possible to achieve your goals... (read more)
Posted in Parenting
...The need to save face is human and normal but all too frequently-and unnecessarily-activated in our kids by the ways in which we, as adults, try to guide, instruct, care for and counsel them without taking into account the emotions upon which we trod. Kids who have to be right all the time will defend the most ridiculous point simply because for them, being right is better than being smart... (read more)
Posted in Simple Savings
Fresh peas and frozen peas have long satisfied appetites and recipe requirements, but now it's pea protein itself that is increasingly in demand. Perhaps you'll first notice it as a supplement or 'boost' at your favorite juice bar, as part of a dish at your local cafe or on supermarket shelves next to old stalwarts whey and soy protein powders... (read more)
Posted in Parenting
...In the beginning, he would rage, at times banging his head against a table. And then he would cry. He was full of anger and sadness. We knew we had to heal his pain, not only for him but also so that it would not be passed onto others... (read more)
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