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February 21, 2018
How to Stop Letting Past Romances Affect Your Current Relationship, Today on Dr. Laura

New House, Same Bricks
If you were betrayed, abused, or cheated on in a past relationship, it's only natural to want to put up walls and protect yourself from being hurt again. However, if you allow the dark cloud of a bad relationship to linger, your new relationship is going to end the same way - in a breakup. I'll be giving you some tips on how to avoid bringing the bad parts of your last relationship into your current one at the top of today's show, beginning at 11AM Pacific/1PM Central/2PM Eastern on SiriusXM Stars 109.

Have you brought baggage from a past relationship into a current one? What happened?
Send an email or go to Facebook.com/DrLaura to answer.
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