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November 15, 2019
How to Handle Grief Within Your Family, Today on Dr. Laura

How to Handle Grief Within Your Family, Today on Dr. Laura

Hour 1: Butch's mom has dementia and refuses to take her medicine. What steps does Butch need to take to ensure his mother gets proper care?

Hour 2: Susan's teen daughter attended a party where drinking was occurring amongst her friends. What should Susan say to the parents who failed to ensure her daughter and friend's safety?

Hour 3: In this hour, we open the phone lines to all of you to tell Dr. Laura your "Bread Sandwich" story - which is one of the most embarrassing moments you can remember as a little kid in school. Vicki told a story of accidently blaring a top 40 hit during her church service!
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Everyone Is Being Petty
My Daughter Is Dying
Am I Mature Enough To Date?
My Daughter Gets Scared At Sleepovers
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November 14, 2019
November 13, 2019
How to Defeat Your Self-Destructive Behavior
Posted in Dr. Laura Blog
Everybody has self-destructive behaviors, some worse than others. Here's how to stop yours once and for all... (read more)
What Makes Men Respect Women?
Posted in Dr. Laura Blog
Too many women aren't finding love because they don't make men earn or respect them. Here's how to make a man respect you... (read more)
4 Ways to Say No to Difficult People
Posted in Tip of the Week
...Difficult people are everywhere and try as we may we can't avoid them. I know. I tried. Tried staying at home, attempted the single life, and purged my life of all the bad nuts. And still, they found me... (read more)
Do I Really Need a Business Plan?
Posted in Work at Home
...Business plans are not a legal requirement, and they don't have to be filed with any government agency. There are two kinds - an 'operating' business plan and a 'financial' business plan... (read more)
The Wonder of Emotions: How They Make Relationships Possible
Posted in Relationships
Most of us complain about how complicated and difficult relationships are. It isn't unusual to blame someone; the other person or ourselves. But, if we take a step back and look at what it is that makes a relationship possible in the first place, we may find a surprising solution... (read more)
You Know You Have an Online Retail Business When . . .
Posted in Work at Home
Here are 20 signs, David Letterman-style, that your online selling activities are getting a wee bit beyond the 'hobby' stage... (read more)
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