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Dr. Laura

Letters From Listeners

January 06, 2020
He Looked Good On Paper
He Looked Good On Paper

Dr. Laura,

I married my best friend 24 years ago, but I should not have.

I've heard several callers ask if they should marry a wonderful man who they love, but are not attracted to; someone who "looks good on paper" as you once said. Tell them NOT to do it because they will never be lovers. Well, I made this mistake and I wish I'd had this advice. We should have just remained good friends. We get along fine, but the lack of real emotional and physical intimacy has been very difficult.

Ladies, if you want a roommate and companion go ahead and marry him. If you want a man who is your lover, husband, and life partner in every way please please please do not make the mistake that I made. I will probably leave in a few years after our kids have left home because this is not what I want between now and dead. I wish I'd waited for the right man.

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