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Letters From Listeners

October 08, 2019
Making My Marriage Dazzle
Making My Marriage Dazzle

My boyfriend and I have been married for 34 years and 21 of those years have included listening to the Dr. Laura Show. Thanks to your nagging, I started calling him my boyfriend. I've even started referring to friends' spouses as their boyfriend. Now I automatically keep him in the boyfriend perspective.

Yesterday he told me that some co-workers were whining a little about how their wives do not enjoy football. He listened for a while then told them something like, "Wow, my wife loves college football. In fact, last Saturday we fished all day then went straight to a sports bar and watched 2 football games. " It was sweet of him to brag about me to his peers but the real gift to me was the look on his face. He beamed with happiness and pride while he bragged to me. While he told me the story he kept saying, "I'm a king!" I made him even happier later.

Thank you for helping my marriage dazzle and for supporting my backbone while we raised our 3 generous kids.

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