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Email of the Day: A Moment of Naughty Inspiration

By Dr. Laura on October, 27 2022
Email of the Day: A Moment of Naughty Inspiration

Not too long ago, our family went through a bout of the stomach flu. It started with our toddler son while we were eating dinner. Everything he had just consumed came back up….again…and again.


My husband had a long day at work and didn’t feel like cleaning up that huge mess, but as I took our son to the bathroom for a quick bath, he began the task. When I returned, he was still cleaning, so I told him to go relax and I’d take over. That was when inspiration struck!


I pretended that I got vomit on my pants and went into the kitchen to take them off. I then went back into the dining room and proceeded to finish cleaning. I made sure that my, uh, underwear-clad derriere was well within view of my husband’s vision. I didn’t even look up until I was completely done and the look on his face was well worth it!


It wasn’t until later that I discovered he had taken a photo of me. I’m sure you will appreciate it if I don’t attach the image to this email!



A Moment of Naughty Inspiration



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