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Email of the Day: I Wore Granny Panties for Too Long

By Dr. Laura on July, 7 2022
Email of the Day: I Wore Granny Panties for Too Long

I have been married 33 years and started wearing β€œgranny panties” after the birth of my second child. Then came the third. I gained weight, so I was still in β€œgranny panties!” I didn’t even think about it.

Around that time, I heard you mention that women should keep on being our husbands’ girlfriends, and you specifically mentioned we should look at the kind of underwear we were wearing. So, I took my spending money, went out and spent fifty dollars on nice panties. I showed them to my husband and told him why I bought them. He just looked at me and his eyes softened and he said, β€œI love you in NO panties!” That made us both laugh.


The upside is I feel sexy when I’m wearing them, so by acting and feeling like a girlfriend, I became one! This wasn’t difficult to do, and it was fun to boot.



I Wore Granny Panties for Too Long



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