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Five Ways to Discovering Nurture Your Child's Entrepreneurial Spirit
IconBy Anne Leedom http://www.netconnectpublicity.com/ Does your child dream of owning their own business and one day? If this is the case then you can nurture their entrepreneurial spirit as they grow and help them create the life of their dreams.  There are certain considerations that can give you great insight and help you decide if your child has what it takes to be an entrepreneur. 1. What is their motivation? Ask your child if they would want to be an entrepreneur regardless of how much money they might make as they build their business. If their goal is simply to achieve a certain income their chances of success, and more importantly, personal satisfaction are limited. Their real motivation must come from something inside, not from external rewards like monetary goals or praise from others. 2. Who will it benefit? Is their dream based on something they want to give, or is it more about something they want to receive? A true entrepreneurial spirit includes a desire to do something that reaches beyond oneself. This is the reward that spurs the spirit of an entrepreneur. 3. How hard are they willing to work? One of the biggest misconceptions about becoming an entrepreneur is that life will be easier than working for someone else. Rarely is this the case. Becoming successful requires tremendous commitment and usually the hours reflect the level of dedication to their dream. 4. Are they prepared? What are they planning on bringing to the table? Even if this is their own company, you need to have the experience and knowledge required to succeed. Ask them if they would hire themselves? If the answer is no, then spend some time becoming educated at what they want to really do. If this doesn't sound compelling then entrepreneurship may not be for them. 5. Can they handle success? How comfortable are they with personal success? One of the number one reasons independent businesses fail is the fact that many people are their own worst enemy. Some people like the idea of success and independence, but as their new business grows, self-sabotage becomes a factor and dreams become financial nightmares. Know right from the start that they are not someone who gets in his or her own way. Be certain that your child knows that they will always be their own advocate and that they must be willing to go the distance to protect and fight for their dreams. They will encounter obstacles and negativity and doubt somewhere along the path. True entrepreneurs never accept defeat, and they never create it for themselves. Their entrepreneurial spirit pushes them past any difficulties and their greatest joy comes from the pride and sense of satisfaction that comes from living your dreams. Anne Leedom is the Founder of http://www.netconnectpublicity.com/ , an online placement agency for experts, products and services. She is also the Founder of http://www.parentingbookmark.com/ , a national website on character education. She lives in Northern California with her two daughters.
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