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My Self-Discipline Accomplishment
My Self-Discipline Accomplishment

We live in rural area where my husband farms. A local firefighter and his wife opened up a CrossFit gym in their farm shed. Our son began crossfit with them, along with his high school football team. One morning last summer at 6:45am, I was leaving for a run, when my son pulled into the driveway, home from CrossFit. I thought it must have been cancelled, because he was home so early. "Nope. It just doesn't take very long." He'd already been to the 6 am workout and driven 12 miles home! That was when I decided I had to try it. I used to run and do Taebo in front of the TV; more recently, I tried Zumba and pilates' dvds, but was having trouble sticking with anything. My husband surprised me by announcing that he was coming with me to the training session. We began going to the 6 am class, and we've now been going for a year! I recruited a young mom, who's now as hooked as we are. The gym has since moved further away, closer to town.

Crossfit classes feel like being part of a team: everyone cheers and high five's each other, compliments achievements and admires watching those who can do "kipping pull-ups" w/o bands!  My husband had a herniated disc, and went through 2 rounds of steroid injections. He hasn't needed any more. And, where else can men AND women, teens through 70's, all shapes and sizes, beginners to those in great shape, all do the same workout and come away exhausted and happy? Exercises and weights are scaled to ability; Our son lifts more weight, and gets more rounds in, or, if the number of rounds is set, he'll finish faster. Beginners start with jumping pull-ups, graduate to banded, and eventually cut down the number of bands, etc.

We're both stronger, healthier, and it's fun to groan about burpees and hang cleans with my son and his friends! Best of all, it's been great for our marriage: Dan calls me his "CrossFit Dolly" and is always telling me how much he likes the way I look now! He has trouble keeping his hands to himself!

I've thought of you, Dr. Laura, often, since we've joined. You look great, and I know you work hard to keep in shape. Listening to you kept me motivated to find something I could stick with.

Thanks very much!!

Tags: Attitude, Behavior, Compliment, Eat Less-Move More, Fitness, Gym, Internet-Media, Motivation, Teamwork, Television, Values
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