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Email of the Day: How We Got Good Teachers for Our Son

By Dr. Laura on April, 20 2021
Email of the Day: How We Got Good Teachers for Our Son

I've heard your comments about teaching boys and how they are just wired differently from girls. As some schools prepare to reopen, I thought I’d share a story from the past. At my children's elementary school, we were able to request certain traits we were looking for in our child's teacher for the upcoming year. Every year my request for my son was only one thing: Give me a teacher for him who has raised a son.


This request served us very well. One of the teachers actually had a padded corner in the room where kids could read or wrestle. One year, the class pet was a family of huge fuzzy spiders. In some classes, students were encouraged to stomp or clap out the answer to a math problem instead of just giving a verbal answer. And even though it was against the rules to have extra recesses, classes were held outside so they could do extra "science" projects by running to find the rock or leaf the teacher wanted.

The teachers who had raised sons of their own were wonderful at finding ways for their students to burn off energy while learning.


A substitute teacher once called to complain about my son's behavior in class. I very calmly asked, "Have you raised a son?" When she said “No,” I said, "Please discuss this issue with another teacher who has raised a son, and if you still have a problem, call me back. The substitute teacher did not call back, but sent a note to all parents requesting they pack one nutritious snack the next day for their child. My son told me the teacher took each snack, put the child's name on it with a sticky note, and lined them up along a bookshelf, saying they were for the afternoon. If a child misbehaved, their snack was removed!!! NO SNACK FOR THEM...unless they could earn it back with good behavior and great helpfulness throughout the rest of the day. The substitute teacher quickly gained control of her class and the respect of my son.



How We Got Good Teachers for Our Son



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