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Email of the Day: It’s Never Too Late To Say You’re Sorry

By Dr. Laura on May, 26 2021
Email of the Day: It’s Never Too Late To Say You’re Sorry

As a teenager, I was very tall and skinny. I wore glasses and felt awkward in my own skin. A group of girls at school honed in on me and for a little while, I was the target of their name calling. I tried to avoid them, but inevitably they’d find me and their insults would reduce me to tears. This was before I found you, Dr. Laura, and grew a solid backbone! Eventually, they found someone else to pick on, and life went on, but I never forgot how they made me feel.


Twenty years later, I was visiting my home town when a woman approached me in the street. She introduced herself, but I already knew who she was. She was the ring leader of that school group, and the person who had made me feel so terrible. At first, I wanted to keep walking, but something told me to stay and listen. She told me she got pregnant young and left school early. Being a mom made her straighten out her act and want to be a better person. She said “I was really mean to you at school, and it was wrong. I’m so sorry.” Her apology was heartfelt and genuine, and it makes me tear up when I think of it. It took tremendous guts for her to stand there and admit her wrongdoing. The years may pass, but we don’t easily forget our hurts. That day, her action melted my heart, and now when I think of her, it’s no longer with anger, but with a quiet sense of respect. It’s never too late to say you’re sorry, and you’ll never be sorry for doing the right thing.



It’s Never Too Late To Say You’re Sorry



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