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Email of the Day: Our Wedding Night Felt Sacred

By Dr. Laura on June, 9 2021
Email of the Day: Our Wedding Night Felt Sacred

My plan growing up was always to wait until marriage to have sex, as my faith and respect for myself was always important to me. Plus, my mom had been a teen mom, as was her mom, and I was determined to break that cycle. I thought there were no men out there that would do the same thing…until I met the man who became my husband. It felt like a miracle that he wasn’t going to disappear the minute I said no to sleeping together after three dates.


Our wedding night was so special that it felt sacred. He carried me over the threshold, and we became β€œone.” I immediately felt so bonded to him that I couldn’t imagine having those ties to other men as we started our own life together. We’ve had fun learning and growing together, and sex is so much more than physical for each of us. Being intimate represents a reuniting, a physical way to join back together on the same team and an homage to those vows we took together.


I always think that my man loved me enough to wait four years to have sex with me. And no offense, but I’m pretty sure that trumps lemonade that made it through any kind of β€œinfested” waters!



Our Wedding Night Felt Sacred



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