Email of the Day: Your Words Helped Calm My Anxiety

By Dr. Laura on May, 19 2021
Email of the Day: Your Words Helped Calm My Anxiety

My husband, who has suffered from digestive problems lately, went to the ER this week as he was unable to keep any food or liquid down. A CT scan revealed he has a tumor, and he will have several more tests to find out more details and get a definitive diagnosis. Sixteen years ago, he had cancer and was told it would return at some point – whether 2 or 20 years -- not necessarily in the original place of origin. Immediately, my thoughts went to the worst-case option, resulting in a few sleepless nights which made things even worse. I wondered how I was going to get through the next weeks waiting for more information on his condition.


Then I heard you tell a caller that “anxiety is future, depression is past, and healthy is now.” I really heard those words and realized that I need to be in this moment now, instead of worrying “what if.” So now, I’m appreciating this time of ignorance, not knowing what he may have to face. When I catch myself on occasion thinking into the future, I replace my thoughts with things that give me pleasure: listening to your program, crafting, putting on some music, watching a movie with my husband, and even line dancing with him. Thank you for those words of wisdom; they have truly helped.



Your Words Helped Calm My Anxiety



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