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YouTube: Feeling "Young and Restless" in "Santa Barbara"

By Dr. Laura on November, 20 2020
YouTube: Feeling "Young and Restless" in "Santa Barbara"

Happy #FlashbackFriday! Bet you didn't know I was a soap star. Yep! Well, soap guest star that is. In 1992 I played “Bonnie,” a therapist leading a group session on the TV show “Santa Barbara.” Who's got the bigger shoulder pads, me or actress Eileen Davidson? 

My hair and jackets may have gotten a little tamer over the years, but I still feel "Bold and Beautiful.” And, “As the World Turns,” I am here to take your calls five days a week from 2-6 p.m. ET on SiriusXM Triumph 111. You only have “One Life to Live.” If yours could use some help, call me at 800-DRLAURA.



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