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January 19, 2017
Traits of Alpha Males

Hour 1: Anna has a prescription for Valium to help deal with her vertigo, but her husband keeps stealing her pills. Concerned with the missing medication and the possibility of a major drug addiction, Anna calls Dr. Laura for some much needed advice.

Hour 2: This holiday, Tom's daughter took on the responsibility of hosting Thanksgiving. Even though his daughter invited him and worked hard to make the holiday nice for the family, Tom never showed up. Tom claims that being in the same room with his ex-wife and her new stud is too much for him to handle. Did Tom do the right thing by ditching his daughter's party in order to avoid his ex-wife?

Hour 3: Richard's sons used to play hockey but now wants to quit the sport. Like most parents, Richard wants to best for his kids. He's having a hard time deciding if he should allow his sons to explore other things or make them stick to what they started.
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Jenny's husband, Jim, has been keeping financial secrets from her...
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Posted in Dr. Laura Blog
Sex is not what keeps people happily married, it's the intimacy. The amount of sex can wane over the years, but if the intimacy level stays healthy, that's a happy marriage. Here's how to keep the intimacy alive in your marriage... (read more)
Posted in Dr. Laura Blog
You know how when your kid does something bad to another kid, and you grab them by the arm and tell them, "Say you're sorry!"? By doing this, you've taught them nothing. You have simply forced them to use a word they don't mean. So, how can you get your child to apologize and mean it? (read more)
Posted in Simple Savings
Recipes often give helpful options for ingredient substitutions or extensive variations. Savvy cooks can save time by looking for other changes that can be implemented... (read more)
Posted in Parenting
It's called 'entitlement', the sense that you should have everything you want right when you want it and that you should never have to do things you don't want to do. Many of the children and teenagers I talk to feel entitled; it's not an attractive quality and it creates lots of conflict... (read more)
January 18, 2017
Posted in Tip of the Week
The Spiritual Warrior is anchored in their heart and rooted in their soul - but isn't soft in the face of challenges. She isn't a doormat, she's a welcome mat... (read more)
Posted in Simple Savings
Cold-weather dining often means cozy comfort foods that fill out our winter sweaters. Seasonal super foods, though, are the answer. They help with slimming down, squashing cravings and tempting the taste buds... (read more)
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