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Should Joan get out of her long-distance relationship?
February 08, 2016
For Joan and her boyfriend, absence has not made the heart grow fonder. Is it time to break things off?
Sally's marriage is not living up to her expectations...
February 08, 2016
After being married for 27 years, Sally now realizes that her husband is not the same man she fell in love with. Should Sally continue to work so hard on her marriage when she has these conflicting feelings?
How should Jill tell her kids that she's filing for divorce?
February 05, 2016
Jill caught her husband having an affair with a family friend and now wants a divorce. She calls Dr. Laura for the best way to break the news to their kids...
A peek at her husband's email showed Susan that he is not the man she thought he was...
February 05, 2016
Susan just discovered that for the past four years, her husband has been secretly visiting prostitutes. Is it time to call the divorce attorney?
John finds it hard to get over his wife's affair when she's chatting up other guys...
February 04, 2016
John decided to stay with his wife, Tammy, after she came clean about her affair and begged for forgiveness. The trouble is, Tammy's flirtatious actions are speaking a lot louder than words.
Kim's family is on opposing sides of a rape investigation...
February 04, 2016
After it came out that Kim's little sister had been raped multiple times by a family member, Kim's family divided - some seeking justice, others wanting to stay in denial. Should Kim try to make the naysayers see the light?
Is Emily being too sensitive about what she overheard?
February 03, 2016
During an Internet chat with her parents, Holly broke the news that she's pregnant, much to her parents' supposed joy. But at the end of their conversation, Emily's parents forgot to disconnect the line, and Emily heard every word of her mother's true feelings. Hurt and angry, Emily calls Dr. Laura to see if she should confront her mother.
Diane feels disconnected and alone...
February 03, 2016
Ever since her daughter moved out, Diane hasn't been the woman she once was. How can she get back on her game?
Should Carrie tell her mother that she can't visit?
February 02, 2016
It wasn't until Carrie had kids that she fully appreciated how bad her own mother was. Should she spare her children from this witchy woman?
Mary can't stomach the man her cousin is marrying...
February 02, 2016
Mary's cousin is about to tie the knot with a convicted rapist. And if that wasn't sickening enough, the rest of Mary's family doesn't have a problem with it...
Was Jenna wrong to get back at her husband?
February 01, 2016
When her husband had an emotional affair, Jenna's response was to have an affair of her own. But do two wrongs make a right? Jenna calls Dr. Laura to help her sort out the web of infidelity.
Jerry and Patsy need help with their blended family...
February 01, 2016
Jerry wishes his wife, Patsy, was closer with his daughter from another marriage. Patsy, on the other hand, finds this extremely difficult because of all the drama her stepdaughter causes. Who is being unreasonable? They call Dr. Laura to help them work it out.
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