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Susan's daughter is getting bad grades...
July 07, 2015
In two of her classes, Susan's daughter either turns her homework in late or doesn't do it at all. The teachers think she can handle the work, which puts Susan in a quandary.
Heather's brother only wants a relationship when it's convenient for him...
July 07, 2015
Heather and her older brother have an on-again-off-again sibling relationship. Currently, he wants nothing to do with her, yet she's invited to his wedding. Should she go?
Stacy's mom doesn't want her to attend her grandmother's funeral...
July 06, 2015
Stacy's mother has threatened repercussions if Stacy accompanies her aunts to her grandmother's funeral. Should Stacy give in or stand her ground?
Anne knows her guy is a creep, but she LOVES him...
July 06, 2015
Anne would rather be with a guy who will never commit than be by herself. How can Anne stop acting pathetic and change her life?
Is Bob breaching his vows?
July 03, 2015
Two years after putting his wife in a nursing home, Bob's sons encouraged him to get back out there and have fun again. Would it be sleazy for Bob to seek female companionship?
Should Whitney accept her boyfriend's proposal?
July 03, 2015
After three years together, Whitney broke up with her boyfriend because he refused to commit to her. However, now that she's dating someone else, he's back with a ring. Should she accept it?
Ray's mother has pushed his marriage to the breaking point...
July 02, 2015
Ray and his wife, Melissa, separated after Melissa decided she could no longer tolerate Ray putting his mom before her. Is their marriage beyond repair?
Steve is sick of fighting with his son about his grades...
July 02, 2015
Steve and his son keep going toe-to-toe over his son's poor performance in school. How can Steve end this battle once and for all?
Should Kaitlyn move in with her in-laws?
July 01, 2015
Kaitlyn and her husband can't afford to buy a house and are thinking of moving in with her husband's parents to save up some money. Is this a bad idea?
Janice and Bob are arguing over Janice's son...
July 01, 2015
Janice wants to help her addict son, but her husband, Bob, thinks he's playing her. Should Janice listen to Bob, or does Bob need to show some compassion?
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