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Call of the Day Podcast

Call of the Day Podcast: Top 40 Countdown

By Dr. Laura on December, 17 2021
Call of the Day Podcast: Top 40 Countdown

We’ve processed all the data and ranked the calls from number 40 to number 1, and no surprise that the topics cover the gamut from family drama to dating to homeschooling to fears, anxiety and much more...listen below: 

40.) I Don't Want to Sleep Around!: Maryann is in her late 50s and would like to find a partner, but feels the men she is meeting expect her to jump into bed.

39.) My Brother Puts Me Down:Ellie and her brother are competitive and fight a lot, and she and her dad call in to ask Dr. Laura for help.


38.) I Think About My Husband's Affair Every Day: Ashley's husband cheated on her before they had their second child together, and she finds herself obsessing over whether he will do it again.

37.) I've Worked Hard to Get Here But...: Katie and her husband just moved cross-county for her PhD program, but she's starting to get the baby bug and knows she wants to stay home with any children she may have.

36.) I Miss My Boyfriend: 19-year-old Sophie is heartsick while her boyfriend is on his mission trip. 

35.) I Feel Like a Crappy Mom AND Employee!: Shannon, a mom of four, struggles to work 12-hour shifts as a part-time nurse, but fears being criticized for quitting in order to stay home with her children.


34.) I Lie to My Parents:13-year-old Jonathan has a problem with lying and calls in with his mom to explain why.

33.) I'm an Obnoxious Know-It-All: Lisa's husband is annoyed by her constant need to correct him and always be right.

32.) This Guy Confuses Me: Lindsey is dating an erratic guy who wants to β€œtake things slow,” but is moving fast when it comes to affection.

31.) Should My Grandson See His Great-Grandfather?: Jane's father's health is failing, and she wonders if she should shield her 6-year-old grandson from seeing his decline.

30.) Why Can't I Leave My Cheatin' Man?: Brooke told herself that she would leave her cheating husband once her kids were grown and out of the house, but now she's scared to make the change.

29.) How Do I Cope with My Mom's Death?: Joan took care of her 92-year-old mother, and since her mother's death, Joan's daily routine has turned upside down.

28.) I'm Not Really Happy: Samantha raised her 12-year-old son alone after his bio dad walked away, and she feels joyless and unsatisfied with life.

27.) My Mom Sheltered Me Too Much: Mark is different from his friends and believes it's a negative that his mother raised him to be a God-fearing, rule-following young man.

26.) I'm Struggling with Online Learning: 8-year-old Parker is having a hard time focusing on his schoolwork now that everything is online.

25.) Am I Depressed?: 30-year-old Mary is unmarried, feeling lonely because of the pandemic and is panicking that she will be single forever. 

24.) My Job is Taking a Toll on My Family: Aaron has become disenchanted with his career as a police officer, and his work stress prevents him from being the husband his wife deserves and the father his three young children need.

23.) I Want to Be Closer to My Absent Dad: 9-year-old Judah is wishing for a better relationship with his biological father who hasn't been around much since Judah was a baby.

22.) β€œI'm 25 and Still Seeking my Parents' Approval: Jackie feels child-like, stuck and depressed because she needs her parents' approval over everything from what clothes she should wear to what career she should pursue.

21.) My Husband Takes His Depression Out on Me: Renee's husband gets mean when he's feeling depressed, and she doesn't know how to handle it.


20.) Am I Overthinking Things?: Victoria is 22 and having sex with a guy without a commitment or the confidence that he really cares about her.

18.) My Husband's Dad Won't Move Out: Matt's dad moved in β€œtemporarily” six months ago, and Matt's wife, Stephanie, is ready for good 'ol dad to leave.

17.) You Kept Me Grounded Raising My Son: Jeffrey's friends are snowflakes who have no responsibility or goals, and he's ready to move on from them.

16.) I Didn't Raise My Son This Way!: Susan is paying for her son's college apartment, and she's angry about how messy and dirty he keeps it. 

15.) My Husband is Too Moody: Vida's husband loses his temper when stressed, and she's tired of dealing with it.

14.) My Husband is Anti-Social: Christine's husband doesn't like to socialize and pressures her and their children to stay away from friends and family. 

13.) My Dad Drives High: 13-year-old Bella's father drove her and her sister while high on pain killers, and now she is afraid to ride in the car with him.

12.) I'm Afraid of People Getting Mad at Me: 8-year-old Austin and his mom call Dr. Laura about his anxiety and fears of saying β€œno” to anyone.

11.) My Baby Brother Makes Me Mad!: 4-year-old Riggins and his mom call Dr. Laura to discuss his pushing and shoving of his 2-year-old brother.

10.) I Can't Forgive Myself: Shannon's anxiety and anger problems have driven her husband away, and she's having a hard time forgiving herself and moving on.

9.) I Want Less Conflict in My Marriage: Jennifer argues with her husband about his mother and sister who recently moved too close for Jennifer's comfort.

8.) Is He the Guy for Me?: Kellee gets anxious when her boyfriend, who has a 6-year-old son, doesn't make the time to call and text her.

7.) My Daughter-in-Law is an Unfit Mother: Debbie thinks her daughter-in-law is not taking proper care of her grandchildren and wants to know what she can do about it.

6.) My Relationship Has Become Stagnant: Gina fears that her boyfriend of six years is never going to marry her.

5.) My Mom is Manipulative: Jen's mom told her she should β€œhonor thy father and mother” instead of listening to Dr. Laura.

4.) My Teen Asked When She Could Have Sex: Ray's 16-year-old daughter is wondering at what age she can start having sex.

3.) How Do I Handle My Lying Mom? - Part 1: Miriam is not happy with her mother who has a pattern of fudging the truth when she wants something from Miriam.

2.) I'm Ready to Take on More Responsibility: 34-year-old Peter works on his family's farm and is frustrated that his uncle wants to keep control instead of passing the torch on to the younger family members.

1.) I'm Having Friend Trouble: 12-year-old Nina has a friend who teases her about being flat-chested.

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