Email of the Day: A Valentine From My Son

By Dr. Laura on February, 14 2022
Email of the Day: A Valentine From My Son

I recently stumbled on a handwritten Valentine from my oldest son (who’s now an adult). It was written years ago when he was a young teen. Colored in crayons on the front to look like it was from a little kid, it read: “Happy ValenTIMES, Mom,” because that’s how he used to say it when he was little.


Written on the inside in his adolescent vocabulary, it read: “I was thinking last night just how hard your job must be. I don’t think anyone could do what you have done, and will do, raising us. You’re amazing. Never think for a second that I don’t look up to you.” And then, in purple crayon, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mom,” and finally in red crayon, it said “I Love You.”


I head forward, reminded that being there with him really mattered. So, to all you moms out there, don’t think for a second they don’t look up to you. I’m thankful for that reminder.



A Valentine From My Son


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