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Email of the Day: Don’t Be Mad Because I’m A Dolphin!

By Dr. Laura on March, 2 2021
Email of the Day: Don’t Be Mad Because I’m A Dolphin!

I wanted to share a funny moment that happened around our dinner table. My ten-year-old daughter slurps her food, talks when her mouth is full and overall has poor posture while eating. I am working with her to improve her manners. I explained to her that people in the world will make judgments about who she is and how she respects herself by the way she behaves at table when eating.


So, I said to her "Show me your wonderful table manners this evening!" She straightened up her posture and said "okay!" Half way through the meal she was talking with her mouth full and reverting back to old habits. I gave her a "mom" look. Her eyes met mine and she said, "I am sorry Mom... You're asking me to be a cat when I am a dolphin. Stop being mad at me for being a dolphin! I just can't eat neat!" I couldn’t stop laughing! I think perhaps I have told her too many times to stop trying to run into a wall and expect a doorway, which I heard from a certain radio program I listen to!


All the best and respect.



Don’t Be Mad Because I’m A Dolphin!




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