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Email of the Day: Finally Cutting the Cord

By Dr. Laura on September, 18 2020
Email of the Day: Finally Cutting the Cord

My 22-year-old son just left our house in tears.  We finally cut the cord on him.  After a few years of second chances, which turned into thirty “second chances,” we had reached the end of the road.  He has decided to shack up with a girl who has a two-year-old son and lots of other baggage, including an eating disorder and a drug habit.


I’ve heard your nagging voice in the back of my head for the last few years – that is, “cut him off and it will be the best thing that you can do for him.”  Today I had the strength to listen.  No more paying his phone bill or his car insurance.  He has chosen to walk into a storm of drama that belongs to someone else.  That girl and her baby are not a problem my husband and I want to support.  She is not our responsibility.  My son thinks he is “saving” her.

We told him we love him and hope he lands on his feet, but we said goodbye.  I feel lighter and there’s no more clenching in my chest, so I know we did the right thing.  It’s sad that he hasn’t grown into the man we know he is capable of being, but we can’t make him do it.  Hopefully, some day he will have matured and will knock on our door and ask, “what’s for Sunday dinner?”  Until then, we know we’ve done everything we can.



Finally Cutting the Cord

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