Email of the Day: I Told My Dying Grandfather How Much I Loved Him

By Dr. Laura on September, 9 2021
Email of the Day: I Told My Dying Grandfather How Much I Loved Him

I spoke to you not long ago about my dying grandfather, and I wanted to give you an update. I went to see my “paw” (as we call him) recently. My dad was already at his home, so I waited until the next day to talk to “paw” alone.


I took his hands and told him that he was always a great “paw” to us. I told him I really loved him, and loved how brave he was for being a fire lieutenant for 15 years in Memphis, Tennessee. I told him how stoic and calm he always is, even though he’s sick with cancer.


It was at that moment I began to cry – the first time in my entire life that I had shown emotion to this redwood of a man. He squeezed my hands, smiled, and stopped me from going on, knowing that I was trying to say my goodbyes. He hugged me and thanked me, and told me that he was “ready” and not to worry. We then ate some homemade salsa and watched scary movies together all night!


The next day, his doctor called and told him that he had been approved for a localized radiation treatment for his lung cancer. This will buy him more time. It doesn’t matter how much time, because I expressed how much I loved him and he knows that. I’m so glad I broke that iceberg and took the opportunity to tell him. So, when the time comes, he knows…and I know he’s gonna be okay.



I Told My Dying Grandfather How Much I Loved Him




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