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Email of the Day: I’m Turning My Life Right Side Up Again

By Dr. Laura on September, 23 2020
Email of the Day: I’m Turning My Life Right Side Up Again

I stumbled upon “Ten Stupid Things Women Do to Mess Up Their Lives” at a used bookstore a few months ago.  I thought, “hey, this is a book about me!”  Out of curiosity, desperation and certainly fate, I bought the book.  When I found it, I was a new mom of an eight-month old boy, whom I had out of wedlock with an alcoholic porn addict 11 years my senior.  I lived with him for a few years and blamed everyone but myself for my unhappiness.  When I found out I was pregnant, I was devastated and was bitter toward him for “getting me pregnant,” and thereby ending my ability to continue to run my own business, work my regular job hours and be a fit and free young woman.  I felt trapped, stuck in a state away from all my friends and family, and in a city I hated.  Everything and everyone was to blame, except me, of course.


Then your book, waiting on the shelf for me to find, changed my life.  I now know that I am to blame.  The things that have happened, the situations I’ve gotten myself into have all occurred because of the choices I made.  Just knowing that has helped me to take command over my life with confidence.  Instead of being upside down, I know I can turn right side up.  I now know what to do, and consequently, I have a lot of hope for my future and the future of my son.  I’m so glad you’re still out there making a difference in people’s lives.  You’ve certainly done that for me with a book you wrote almost eighteen years ago.



I'm Turning My Life Right Side Up Again

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