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Email of the Day: Let Kids Figure It Out

By Dr. Laura on November, 6 2020
Email of the Day: Let Kids Figure It Out

I always listen carefully when you have children who call, because I admire and respect how you speak with them. You recently asked a young boy to figure out when “three months from today” would be. I thought you’d wait for him to come up with the answer, but I subconsciously knew that his mother would chime in with the answer first and that’s exactly what happened.


I’m a math tutor, working with kids ages 8-13. Most of the ones I work with simply haven’t learned what it means to think about something, use the tools they already have and figure out a problem. I’ve learned over many years that they ALWAYS figure it out one way or another. I can guide them if the answer isn’t quite correct, but the real learning is in the thinking. Most kids don’t like to struggle, especially if they know the adult with them will do the thinking for them.


I love that you tell parents to stop thinking and speaking for their children, reminding them to give that child the time he or she needs. It’s such a wonderful thing to help children, and I’ve gotten even better at it from listening to you.



Let Kids Figure It Out

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