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Email of the Day: My “Tough Love” Mom Raised Me Right

By Dr. Laura on May, 28 2021
Email of the Day: My Tough Love Mom Raised Me Right

It still surprises me when I hear mothers and fathers call who clearly do not want to parent their children! If I didn’t want to follow the rules while living under my parents’ roof, they would have had no qualms about showing me the door. They taught me morals, ethics, principles, values, manners, responsibility, and that there are consequences for whatever actions I take. 

When I was 16 and shopping with my mom, I asked her to get for me a leather jacket I saw that cost $150. She said to me “You want that jacket? Get a job!” I was annoyed and disappointed, but you know what? I got that job, and my first three paychecks from the local supermarket were saved for that jacket. At 17, I wanted a car and asked my mom to “help” me. She said “Buy what you can afford,” so I bought a rusty, old used Plymouth. The car was beige, the door was green and the fender was brown. I paid $300 for it and I treated it like it was a Rolls Royce. When I got a “real” job at 19, my mother insisted I pay rent if I wanted to still live at home. Even though I didn’t like it, I understood that she was getting me ready for real life. I was able to leave the nest at 23, and 30 years later, I have a career, a car, a house, and I’m living a debt-free life. I reminded her that she raised me right and should be proud that she did a great job parenting. More adults with kids should follow her example.



My “Tough Love” Mom Raised Me Right



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