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Email of the Day: The Thought That Changed Everything

By Dr. Laura on June, 22 2021
Email of the Day: The Thought That Changed Everything

After trying to conceive for three years, my husband and I got pregnant, but lost our baby a few weeks later. During that time, baby showers were torture. Birth announcements and baby pictures blasted across social media ripped through my heart until, one day, an idea drifted through my head and changed everything.


I thought, "I don't want her baby, I want mine." I realized I could be happy for my friends because I didn't want their baby. I didn't want their husbands or their lives. I wanted mine, and I was willing to wait and pray and have lots of fun making love in the meantime.


One year after the loss of our baby, we got pregnant again and had a little girl. Six months after she was born - SURPRISE! I was pregnant again. We have two miracles, and I am grateful for the pain that also showed me the value of what I have now. I left an executive career in corporate America to accept the promotion to a full-time, stay-at-home, homeschooling mom and girlfriend to my husband. I only get this one life, and between now and dead, I want to spend it loving my life - and not wanting someone else's.



The Thought That Changed Everything



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