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Email of the Day: Watching My Husband Turn Our Son Into a Man

By Dr. Laura on July, 24 2020
Email of the Day: Watching My Husband Turn Our Son Into a Man
Our 13-year-old son fell on a rock while playing with his buddies in the backyard. I thought he had a really bad cut and spent most of the day babying him and his bloody knee. That same night, our son had a baseball game where he was the pitcher. He pitched so badly that the coach pulled him mid-game. As he came off the field, choking back tears, he looked at me and it took everything I had not to run to the dugout and hug him.

Instead, my husband slowly walked into the dugout, sat beside him, and whispered something in his ear. As my husband walked back towards our seat, I watched our son take a deep breath, immediately sit up straight, wipe away the few tears that had escaped his eyes, and rip off the excessive amount of Band-Aids I had placed on his cut. Soon after, he was up at bat and was noticeably more confident, managing to get on base.

Dr. Laura, I still do not know what my husband whispered in his ear that night that provided him the confidence he needed, but at that moment I knew I could never raise him and his twin brother to be MEN without my husband. I can only pray they will grow up to be half the man their father is.


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