Email of the Day: What Makes My Husband Special

By Dr. Laura on April, 8 2022
Email of the Day: What Makes My Husband Special

My husband is almost ten years older than me. Recently I heard you speak to a woman who lost her husband, and you asked her to share what made him special. I frequently think about all of the things that make my husband amazing. Perhaps, because of our age difference, I fear losing him and what I’d miss more than some other women might.


Every time I enter a room, my husband always smiles and greets me. Whether it’s after a long weekend visiting my sister, or just after a trip to the grocery store, that smile is always there for me. I never feel expected, ordinary, or β€œa given.” I’m his gift. I’m present and he appreciates it always. I believe that I could have married the wrong guy several times, and as hard as it was to be unmarried in my early 30s, I’m proud to say that I had the strength to believe in myself and my values to not settle and to take the time to find this incredible match.


I hope and pray for much more time with my man, but I’m sure the knowledge that he’s likely to pass away before I do forces me to consider what I’ll miss when he’s not here. We should all take time to notice the little things that we do for one another and appreciate them, work on them, and acknowledge them to those we love.



What Makes My Husband Special




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