Email of the Day: Why My Marriage Continues to Thrive

By Dr. Laura on April, 6 2022
Email of the Day: Why My Marriage Continues to Thrive

I am always dumbfounded when I hear some of your women callers talk about how lackluster their marriage is or how he doesn’t seem interested anymore, and they can’t figure out why. Why are they surprised? When they were dating, didn’t they take extra time to look attractive for their man or to do nice things for them?


My first husband and I divorced because he never β€œchecked in” to the marriage, even though I always doted on him and looked my best for him. We waited until our sons were grown to split up and sometime later, I met my now-husband. We had actually dated once before when we were young, and found our way back to each other through a mutual friend. My life now is nothing short of amazing. We both make sure we show love, support and appreciation to each other, and even though I have a demanding job, I make sure I come home with combed hair, touched-up makeup and a smile with a kiss. If I’m home first, dinner is ready when he walks in the door and vice-versa. I don’t bring stress home, and I text him during the day with sweet or spicy notes. Nothing feels better than when your man comes home craving your attention.


These things should be second nature to women. If we would treat our husbands the way we want to be treated instead of demanding things from them, there would be a lot more happy marriages!



Why My Marriage Continues to Thrive



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