Email of the Day: Your Children’s Book Helps My Young Son

By Dr. Laura on February, 10 2022
Email of the Day: Your Children’s Book Helps My Young Son

One day you read a section of your children’s book “Why Do You Love Me?” to a caller, and I thought it was so wonderful, I bought it immediately. I am a stay-at-home mom to two boys, and I love being a mom and a wife to my husband.


I read your book to my youngest son as soon as it arrived, and he loved it. I had an ulterior motive, as he often feels defensive and wants to be angry for a long period of time after we have conversations about his behavior. I am steadfast in my need to have stern communications with him, but I also know he needs to know he is loved no matter what. Now, when we have to have these discussions, reading your book is our unspoken way of acknowledging the validity of the discussion and then, in a seamless way, moving on. Sometimes I start reading, and sometimes he does, but the end result is always the same. We both feel peaceful, and most importantly, he is reminded that no matter what happens, he is loved.



Your Children’s Book Helps My Young Son



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