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I Need To Tell My Kids That We're Getting A Divorce
March 20, 2019
Jennifer calls Dr. Laura who helps her plan out the difficult conversation she must have with her kids about her impending divorce.
I'm Having Second Thoughts...
March 19, 2019
Jared is at an impasse regarding his future with his long-term girlfriend. Dr. Laura sets him straight.
I Don't Want To Be Sad Anymore
March 19, 2019
After a successful battle with brain cancer, 12-year-old Renee calls Dr. Laura because she is done living with sadness.
I'm Tired Of Being A Mom To My Mom
March 18, 2019
Janice has acted as the adult in her relationship with her parents. She calls Dr. Laura for help.
Our Business Is Running Our Marriage Into The Ground
March 15, 2019
Wendy and her husband have run a business together for years, but they don't see eye-to-eye on some matters, and she's tired of the daily battles. Wendy wants her marriage more than the business, but she's unsure how to express this to her husband without tanking their relationship.
Why Are My Friends Always Complaining?
March 15, 2019
Megan's female friends aren't as happy being single as she is. She is confused by their negativity, and it's putting her relationships with them in jeopardy. In need of guidance, she calls Dr. Laura.
My Friend Is Being Nasty To Me
March 15, 2019
Day has a friend from school who has started to degrade her regularly. Dr. Laura helps her to see the truth.
Did I Do The Wrong Thing?
March 15, 2019
When Michelle found out that she had a half-brother, she decided she wanted to meet him. After meeting him, her mother never spoke to her again. Conflicted by feelings of guilt, Michelle calls for insight.
My Husband Doesn't Talk To Me Anymore
March 14, 2019
Kelly and her husband have been having a hard time connecting. Wanting to save her marriage, Kelly calls Dr. Laura for help.
I Broke The Cycle
March 13, 2019
Magen has superseded her parents' poor example and has made a wonderful life. She can't help but feel guilty, however, about the progress she has made.
Special Edition: I Was A Self-Centered Wife
March 12, 2019
In this thank you call, Jenna explains how taking the advice she got from Dr. Laura has bettered her family in many ways.
I'm Worried About My Children's Safety
March 12, 2019
Laura fears that her children might not be safe being around her brother. Should she continue to allow him to be around her kids?
My Sister And I Have A Bad Relationship
March 12, 2019
Heidi is miserable over her relationship with her sister. She calls Dr. Laura for help.
My Husband Is Disrespecting Me
March 11, 2019
After getting into an argument about their yearly vacation, Sharon's husband has decided to only take his son and leave her behind. She calls Dr. Laura for her perspective.
My Sister Is a Snowflake
March 08, 2019
Michelle's 18-year-old sister is asking to move in with Michelle and her husband. She calls Dr. Laura for no-nonsense advice.
How Can I Trust My Husband Again?
March 08, 2019
Cyndy and her husband are working on their marriage after infidelity. They are making progress but she is having trouble letting herself trust him.
What Do I Do Now That My Marriage Has Ended?
March 08, 2019
After being cheated on by her husband multiple times, Victoria's 23 year marriage has ended. She calls Dr. Laura for advice.
My Husband Is In Denial About Our Son
March 08, 2019
Stephanie's son is autistic and her husband is having a hard time accepting that their son will have limitations. She calls Dr. Laura for guidance.
My Bachelorette Party Felt Like High School
March 07, 2019
After four old friends from her high school acted horribly at her bachelorette party, Kayla is at a loss for what to do.
I Don't Want To Be Touched
March 06, 2019
With the recent birth of her baby, Kelly has struggled with wanting to be sexually intimate with her husband. How can she light the spark again?
I Overspent On A Gift For My Wife
March 05, 2019
Kevin bought his wife a gift, but he knows it cost more than he should have spent. He calls Dr. Laura for advice.
Thank You For Your Wisdom
March 05, 2019
Larry is seeing the successes of the Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands daily. He called Dr. Laura to share the details.
Should I Keep Giving My Friends Advice
March 04, 2019
Lisa's friends call her all the time to vent. She gives them advice, but they never follow through.
Special Edition: You Can Learn A Lot About Being A Good Parent From Caller Keri
March 01, 2019
Keri is insisting her son become a man by taking responsibility for himself. At 22-years-old, he thinks he has all the power to make good life decisions.
I Want A Real Relationship - Part 2
March 01, 2019
After taking time to process the huge breakthrough he had in his first call with Dr. Laura, Cory calls back to share what he has learned.
I Want A Real Relationship - Part 1
March 01, 2019
Cory has been holding himself back in relationships due to a fear of heartbreak. He calls Dr. Laura for insight.
I Don't Want To Be A Snowflake
March 01, 2019
Marcus called previously with his parents to see if he was engaging in "snowflake" behavior. After taking the hard truth to heart, he calls back to share his progress.
Am I Ready To Give Up My Job?
March 01, 2019
Katie has had terminal breast cancer for a few years now. She is still working full time, but thinks it may be time to walk away.
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