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I'm Upset With My Mom For Not Taking Her Health More Seriously
March 27, 2020
Helene finds herself getting angry as her frustrations grow with her mom's lack of concern about her own health.
My Husband Says I'm Being A Brat!
March 27, 2020
Natalie's husband is a counselor and recently told her that she's behaving like a brat when it comes to his parents visiting them.
How Do I Stop Myself From Crying At Work?
March 27, 2020
Lindsay has been in tears since her boss recently called her out during a meeting at work.
We Are Renting A Condo To Our Kids and It's Not Going Well
March 27, 2020
Terry has been renting a condominium to her daughter and son-in-law with the explicit rule of no pets. They decided to adopt a dog, however, and Terry is unsure if there should be consequences for their action.
Should We Celebrate Events Under One Roof As A Broken Family?
March 26, 2020
Stephanie's ex-husband insists it would be better to celebrate family events under one roof, but she's not sold on the idea.
Should I Separate From My Husband Until He Cleans Up His Act?
March 25, 2020
Rachel's therapist has suggested she legally separate from her husband as he seeks to clean himself up from drug and alcohol abuse. If he accomplishes this goal, should Rachel take him back for the sake of their children?
Our Global Situation with the Viral Pandemic
March 25, 2020
Dr. Laura shares her thoughts on continuing her daily routine communicating with friends and family, working out virtually with her trainer and what she's lost as a result of the viral pandemic that has changed our lives.
The Call Of The Day Podcast Has Helped Me!
March 24, 2020
Chelsea had been struggling to accept reality when it comes to a healthy relationship with her alcoholic sister. Listening to a Call of the Day episode re-framed her thinking.
I Can't Stop Sabotaging My Weight Loss Plans
March 24, 2020
Lynn finds herself unable to stick with the plan when it comes to losing weight and frequently finds herself off course. How can she finally accomplish her goal of being a healthier and thinner person?
My Family Is Out To Get Me After My Mom's Death
March 23, 2020
Rebecca's therapist has concluded she's the "odd man out" when it comes to the relationship with her siblings. However, she's having a hard time accepting this and staying focused while under constant attack as her mother's estate is divided among them.
My Sister-In-Law Never Acknowledged My Stillbirth
March 20, 2020
Carrie's sister-in-law wants to visit this summer but never expressed condolences after a tragic stillbirth. How can Carrie host an in-law who ignored her during a time of need?
How Can I Help My Son Feel More Stability In A Broken Home?
March 20, 2020
Sara has been divorced for 2 years and has a 9-year-old child. She's attempting to set up regular visitations with her son's father, but it's been a chaotic mess impacting her child.
The Man Who Molested Me Has Passed Away
March 20, 2020
Greg was molested by his cousin who has since passed, and wonders if he should reveal his terrible childhood to his own wife?
I'm Upset That I Can't Count On My Sister To Help
March 20, 2020
Joyce wants to confront her sister who has yet again backed out of a promise to help with their ailing mother.
Is It Okay To Have Feelings As A First Responder?
March 19, 2020
Jason is a first responder who witnessed a terrible car accident while off-duty. He finds himself overwhelmed by his feelings, but isn't sure if this is normal considering his occupation.
My Feelings Are Overwhelming Me!
March 18, 2020
Despite therapy, Ken is struggling to let go of his feelings so he can be less envious of one person in particular.
I'm Beating Myself Up Over My Terrible Past
March 17, 2020
McKenzie is a hairstylist facing many troubles in life since being sexually abused at the age of 5 by her adopted brother.
My Friends Are Ignoring Me At School
March 17, 2020
Virginia's classmates have been ignoring her and are not being nice. How can Virginia better decide who she should consider a "friend?"
My Husband Doesn't Want To Have Sex With Me While I'm Pregnant
March 16, 2020
Martha is pregnant and has been in a sexual drought for the past 2 months. She's asked her husband to make love to her, but he responded that he's "turned off" by her request.
My Son Is Not Getting Along With The Neighborhood Kids
March 13, 2020
Angela found herself under attack by another mom who accused her son of bullying and worries if she handled herself correctly.
I've Made A Grave Mistake In This Relationship
March 13, 2020
Nicole made mistakes in a relationship, and she wants to know if she should 'make things better' or accept that it's over, learn from the mistakes, and move on.
I Can't Move On From My Husband's Emotional Affair
March 13, 2020
Clara's husband had an emotional affair, and Clara is determined to change how she treated her husband and make him her man again.
Should I Go Back To Work Now That My Daughter Is Older?
March 13, 2020
Audra's oldest daughter has special needs, and Audra has been a stay-at-home mom for 21 years. Now that her kids are in their early 20's and late teens, Audra is wondering if she should go back to work while her heart would rather raise her family.
My Child Can't Focus In The Classroom
March 12, 2020
Meko is having trouble paying attention in class and instead, finds themself laughing and wasting time with his friends.
My Sister Is Never There For Me When I Need Her
March 11, 2020
Chris is tired of being there for a sister who never reciprocates the same level of caring or concern.
Pouring Cold Water Over My Kid's Head Worked!!
March 10, 2020
Dr. Laura solves a case of an oversleeping kid!
I Struggle With My Mother Since The Death Of My Father
March 10, 2020
Pam was very close to her father who recently passed away. Although her parents had a wonderful marriage for over 60 years, Pam did not like how her mom treated her father in his last remaining months. Should Pam be angry at her mother or more empathetic to the woman who just lost the love of her life?
Is My Anger Towards My In-Laws Justified?
March 09, 2020
Serra's husband has been diagnosed with psychological and emotional conditions that could have been treated and managed at a younger age...and Serra is furious that her in-laws did nothing and allowed these serious issues to grow.
Do My Parents Deserve An Apology?
March 06, 2020
Apologies, like saying I love you, are sacred and, therefore, MUST be sincere. So, why does Kim keep on placating her parents by apologizing for things she hasn't even done?
How Do I End This Affair?
March 06, 2020
Cindy has had a rough few years, including the death of family members, coworkers, and even an ex-fiancé. All this time, Cindy has also fought breast cancer. With so much grief and tragedy, Cindy is now in a bad situation, having an affair with a married man. She wants out of the affair, but every time she's about to call it quits, he reels her back in with talk about leaving his wife. How does Cindy break free from the comfort he provides her?
My Mother Is Lashing Out At My Husband!!
March 06, 2020
Lisa has been in therapy because her mom, who is now on her third marriage is overall not a very nice person. Question is...Why is Lisa in therapy about her Mom?
My Husband Doesn't Feel Valued By Me
March 06, 2020
Amber's husband has expressed to her that he does not feel "valued," which is the cause of growing animosity between them. What steps should Amber take to show her husband that she still loves and values him as her man?
My Mother-In-Law's Health Problems Are Becoming Too Much
March 05, 2020
Dave bought his in-laws a house so that they could be close by, but with their health now deteriorating, Dave and his wife seem to be over their house every day putting out 'fires.'
Dr. Laura, You're My Inspirational Role Model!!
March 04, 2020
10-year-old Lily thanks Dr. Laura for being an inspiration and a good role model.
Should I Be Concerned About My Homebody Habits?
March 03, 2020
Jan recently retired and is enjoying herself by doing not much at all and being a homebody. Jan's very active friend is urging Jan to do "more" and insinuating that Jan is not living life to the fullest. Do we have to live with other people's definitions of 'living'?
My Husband Drinks More Since Retiring
March 03, 2020
Barb and her husband have been drinking much more frequently now that they are retired. Barb wants it to stop, but is concerned her husband will get defensive and not deal with her concerns.
How Can I Resolve The Dispute With My Boyfriend's Sister?
March 02, 2020
Katie is 26-years-old and has been dating her boyfriend for three months. His sister does not approve of the couple because there is some "history" between her and Katie. Should Katie address the bad blood that exists?
I'm Heartbroken That My Dog Is Nearing Death
February 28, 2020
Andrea is devastated because her beloved dog is in declining health. She wants to know if there is a 'fix' for her grief.
Discussing My Mistakes With My Teen Daughter
February 28, 2020
Meagan has a 12-year-old daughter and is anticipating having to soon answer some tough questions about growing up.
My Classmate Is Being Bossy!
February 28, 2020
One of 9-year-old Ally's group of friends is very bossy and demanding. How can Ally stand up to this aggressive girl while still maintaining individual friendships within the whole group?
What Can I Do About My Mom Making Bad Choices?
February 28, 2020
8-year-old Wyatt lives with his grandma and Wyatt's mom is now dating someone who he says is mean. How should Wyatt come to terms with his parents being selfish and thoughtless people?
Am I Not Upset Enough About My Dad's Alzheimer's Disease?
February 27, 2020
Jennifer's father is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease but he is doing well under his wife's care. Now that things have "normalized" in Jennifer's life,she feels guilty that she doesn't still feel awful and full of grief. When are we allowed to feel happy again after a difficult time?
I'm Tired Of My Husband's Addiction To Chewing Tobacco
February 26, 2020
Sarah's husband has been chewing tobacco for more than 20 years, but Sarah says she has only known about it for the last 11 years. Now she's decided that she wants him to quit.
I Believe My Husband Has Forgotten My Birthday - Part 2
February 25, 2020
In part 2, Jenn tells Dr. Laura all the nice things her husband surprised her with on her birthday.
I Believe My Husband Has Forgotten My Birthday - Part 1
February 25, 2020
Did Jenn's husband really forget her 40th Birthday?
I've Become A Spoiled Brat In Adulthood!!
February 24, 2020
26-year-old Jonathan is a self-described "man child" who still lives at home. He thinks he's immature because his mom has spoiled him and given him money.
My Girlfriend's Family Doesn't Share My Values
February 21, 2020
16-year-old Joseph is dating a girl whose family disagrees with his parents' "strict" way of raising him, which emphasizes hard work and responsibility. Should Joseph go out of his way to keep a relationship with this girl if she and her family are so critical of his?
Should I Accommodate My Daughter's Vegan Lifestyle?
February 21, 2020
16-year-old Tori is vegan and has been butting heads with her meat-loving father to the point where he does not want to supply her with vegan foods. What are the rules, requirements, and responsibilities of both daughter and father?
Should I Fight To Get Custody Of My Nephew?
February 21, 2020
Samantha's 2-year-old nephew has been living with a foster family for 10 months and they would like to adopt him. Samantha has two grown-up kids and two teenage stepchildren who live part-time with their mom...should Samantha take her nephew from a stable home?
Is It Right To Seek More Affection In This New Relationship?
February 21, 2020
Steve is 50-years old and has been dating a woman for a short while. He says he's in "Love". Thankfully for Steve, Dr. Laura sets his head back on straight.
Despite Being In Remission, I Think About My Cancer Daily
February 20, 2020
Michelle was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 and has had MANY life-threatening complications since then. Even though she has fought and won all her health battles, Michelle is having a tough time feeling positive and moving forward.
How Can I Defend Myself Against Mean Girls?
February 19, 2020
10-year-old Gracie is being verbally bullied by a new girl in her school who has the favor of other girls in Gracie's class. How and SHOULD Gracie respond?
I'm Contending With My Sexual Abuse Trauma
February 18, 2020
Maria was molested by her three brothers from the age of 3 to 15. Although Maria told her mother, her mother ignored the abuse because she feared losing her family. Years later Maria still struggles with the abuse and wonders whether she has "healed enough".
I'm At A Crossroads As A Cancer Survivor
February 18, 2020
At 50-years-old, Elizabeth is in college to change her occupation and is in stage 3 cancer remission. During this time her mother has been supporting her by paying her rent as Elizabeth finishes her degree and treatments. Now that Elizabeth is nearing graduation, her mom wants Elizabeth to move across the country and live with her. What factors should influence Elizabeth's decision and what should not?
My Friends Tease Me For Not Being On Social Media
February 17, 2020
10-year-old Reese does not have a social media account and his classmates make fun of him and tell him that he has an awful life! What negatives come with such an obsessive use of social media at a young age?
My Mom Thinks I'm Not A Good Listener
February 14, 2020
11-year-old London hates doing chores and conflicts with his mom are arising as a result. How can London find the motivation to do chores when the will is just not there?
My Boyfriend Frequently Ghosts Me When We Disagree
February 14, 2020
Elizabeth has been dating her boyfriend for 3 years and he has shown ZERO signs of planning to propose. In fact, he has expressed disdain for marriage. Knowing there is no future, why is Elizabeth sticking around?
My Husband Wants Sex All The Time!!
February 14, 2020
Kay and her husband have sex 2-3 times a week and have kept this number consistent throughout more than 20 years of marriage. Recently Kay has become annoyed by this frequency which only leads to HIS needs being met and she wants to install limits.
How Can I Be My Husband's Girlfriend?
February 14, 2020
Hannah says that she is her "kids' mom" but NOT her "husband's girlfriend" and that she hasn't felt romantically invested since her first child was born. If Hannah doesn't change her attitude and perspective could she lose her husband?
During My Pregnancy, I Felt Unloved By My Husband
February 13, 2020
Jennifer has been married for 5 years and they have a 3 year-old daughter. During her pregnancy, Jennifer's husband did not seem interested in having sex and it made Jennifer quite upset, to the point that she fears to get pregnant again and relive the lack of intimacy.
As A Woman In My 20s, You Changed My Way Of Thinking!!
February 12, 2020
Ashley thanks Dr. Laura for her book "How Could You Do That" which helped Ashley stop seeing herself as a victim and gave her the courage to take control of her own future!
My Husband Won't Cut Loose His Drug Addict Son
February 11, 2020
Karen's 29 year-old stepson is an alcoholic drug addict on probation due to a DUI and he is living with Karen and her husband. Even though her stepson is on probation, he still drinks in the house. Should Karen alert the authorities and get him out?
I'm Homesick After Moving Across The Country For Love
February 11, 2020
Lynn moved across the country away from her grown children at the behest of her second husband with whom she's been having problems, and now she is having serious regrets.
Should I Expect This Man To Change After 11 Years Of Dating?
February 10, 2020
Leann has been dumped again by her alcoholic and porn-addicted boyfriend of 11 years. How can Leann fight the urge to contact her ex and try to reconcile?
My Son Is Constantly Lying - Part 2
February 07, 2020
Gram and Mom call back to talk about the strategies Gram must employ to get all his schoolwork done and done well.
My Son Is Constantly Lying - Part 1
February 07, 2020
Gram is 8-years-old and is constantly lying in school to avoid punishment for not doing his assignments. How should Gram work with his teacher to get his school work done on time and stop feeling the need to lie about it?
Should I Reveal To My Kids That I Was Previously Married?
February 07, 2020
Beth is married to a wonderful man, and underwent a double mastectomy last year. Beth's cancer battle has brought her own mortality center stage and not wanting to have any "unfinished" business, she wonders if she should tell her two young children that she was previously married.
I'm Stuck Grieving Over The Passing Of My Cat
February 07, 2020
Sue's mother passed away a year and a half ago and after 72 years of marriage Sue's father was devastated. They rescued a cat to be his companion and they both fell absolutely in love. Sue's father is now in assisted living and sadly after living with her for a few months, the beloved cat had to be put down for health reasons. The grief of losing her mom, placing her dad in a assisted living, and the loss of her cat is weighing heavily on Sue's heart.
Should We Pay Our Kids As A Reward For Good Grades?
February 06, 2020
Lisa's 3 young children have all gotten excellent grades this semester and Lisa's husband wants to give them money for their accomplishments. Should good grades be monetarily incentivized?
I'm Scared Of Leaving My Family After Enlisting In The Marine Corps
February 05, 2020
Jackson is 18-years-old and is reporting for Marine Corps boot camp in 7 days. Jackson and his family are very emotional about his decision and he wants to leave on a happy note and make his parents proud.
I Need Help Teaching My Son The Importance of Making An Effort
February 04, 2020
Steve agrees with Dr. Laura that perseverance is at the core of accomplishment, but perseverance that turns obsessive can lead one down a rabbit hole of bad situations and missed opportunities.
My Mother Is Going Around Me Attempting To Reach My Children
February 04, 2020
Annie called Dr. Laura 5 years ago and after the call decided to cut out her family from her life. Annie's mom got her grandson's number and tried to make contact. After so many years, Annie is feeling hesitant that she made the wrong decision. Should she allow her extended family back into her immediate family's life?
I'm Sick Of My Classmate Copying Everything That I Do!
February 03, 2020
Chiya is 10-years-old and has an obsessive ex-friend who copies Chiya's actions to get her attention. How should Chiya deal with this awkward behavior?
You Helped Me To Stop People Pleasing Others
January 31, 2020
Sunday called one month ago about being a people pleaser. She calls BACK to tell Dr. Laura how her advice has affected her life and relationships.
Thank You For Helping Me Get Through A Life-Threatening Moment
January 31, 2020
Melby was out to dinner with her husband when she started to choke. Luckily she remembered a Dr. Laura call from weeks prior that may have saved her life!!!
I Don't Want To Celebrate My Own Birthday After My Son's Murder
January 31, 2020
Sherri is turning 50-years-old and is 14 years sober, but she does not want to celebrate either milestone because at this time two years ago her son was murdered in a drive-by shooting. Should Sheri's ongoing grief affect her marking these other milestones?
You Changed My Thinking About Being A Stay-At-Home Mom!
January 31, 2020
Elizabeth has been a listener for 25 years and as a teen disagreed with Dr. Laura about the importance of stay-at-home moms. When she got married and had her daughter, Elizabeth chose to stay-at-home and raise her. Tragically her daughter passed away from cancer and Elizabeth wants to share how thankful she is that she got to be with her daughter for all the years she had.
How Do I Explain My Father's Incarceration To Friends and Family?
January 30, 2020
Dwayne was molested by his father when he was a young boy. His father died in prison two years ago after being convicted of molesting Dwayne's nephews. Dwayne has lived a full, and generally happy life but he still has so many emotions regarding all that has transpired in his family.
I Have Nothing In Common With My Friend
January 29, 2020
Denice is in recovery for pain meds and has a best friend who is in the depths of a battle with prescribed pain meds. How does Denice maintain a friendship with a person who is slowly killing herself and refuses help?
I'm Feeling Anxious and Overwhelmed In My Life - Part 2
January 28, 2020
In Part II, Laura and Dr.Laura strategize how Laura can declutter and simplify her life for her future health and happiness.
I'm Feeling Anxious and Overwhelmed In My Life - Part 1
January 28, 2020
Laura feels stretched "too thin," and her drive to be "perfect" is causing her mental and emotional anguish.
Am I Dating The Right Man?
January 27, 2020
Elizabeth has recently started dating a man she has known as a friend for 5 years. They've talked about the future and he has expressed his displeasure and disagreement that Elizabeth expects to be a stay-at-home mom when she has children. Should she continue to date a man who doesn't feel that a child deserves to be raised by their mother?
Bonus Episode: I Chose Wisely and Treated Kindly!!
January 27, 2020
Today is Elizabeth's birthday and she called to share the beautiful words that her husband wrote to her in a card portraying just what a wonderful wife he has!
Thank You For Telling Us The Truth!
January 24, 2020
Bollo thanks Dr. Laura for telling it like it is.
Should I Ask My Husband To Stop Drinking?
January 24, 2020
Carine wants to ask her husband to stop drinking and stop hanging out with his "work wife". Does Carine have the right to dictate her husband's choices and what does she do if he refuses to act appropriately?
My 15-Year-Old Son Wants To Parent A Child
January 24, 2020
Ken's 15-year-old son got his 15-year-old girlfriend pregnant and they want to keep and raise the baby, under the impression that their parents will financially support them. Should these teens consider adoption and is that the best option for their child?
Your Advice To Me Has My Daughter Wanting To Be You!
January 24, 2020
Cara spoke to Dr. Laura a few months ago, after her father had a fatal heart attack while driving, which caused an accident that killed another driver. It was a horrible tragedy and Cara was afraid to reach out to the other driver's family, even though she wanted to. After the call, Cara reached out and the response that she got was warm and gracious!
A Grown Man Is Dating My 18-Year-Old Daughter
January 23, 2020
Allie is 18-years-old, in college and, much to the dismay of her parents, dating a 26-year-old man. Allie and Dr. Laura break down why such an age gap at this time of life is so important.
My Mom Is Friends With My Ex's Mother And I Don't Like It
January 22, 2020
Julie is 16-years-old and had a boyfriend for 2 years. During that time, both of their mothers became good friends. Julie's boyfriend behaved poorly and things ended on bad terms. Should the mothers have to end their friendship?
Coach Dad Says Hurtful Words To Our Son - Part 2
January 21, 2020
Logan is 13-years-old and his parents are divorced. Logan's dad is a part-time coach on his basketball team and can be very cruel and negative when Logan doesn't play perfectly. Should Logan's mom have another male relative intervene?
Coach Dad Says Hurtful Words To Our Son - Part 1
January 21, 2020
Logan is 13-years-old and his parents are divorced. Logan's dad is a part-time coach on his basketball team and can be very cruel and negative when Logan doesn't play perfectly. Logan's mom wants to know how to make her ex-husband see the hurt he is causing his son.
You've Helped Me Improve My Personal Relationships
January 20, 2020
Tara's mom used to "force" her to listen to Dr. Laura when she was younger, and Tara hated it...but now at 28 years-old, Tara thanks Dr Laura for all her wisdom and advice.
I Feel Guilty Asking My Grown Daughter To Leave Home - Part 2
January 17, 2020
Theresa has an amazing and powerful breakthrough into why she has let her daughter live at home for so long.
I Feel Guilty Asking My Grown Daughter To Leave Home - Part 1
January 17, 2020
Theresa's 24-year-old daughter still lives at home and Theresa feels guilty about finally wanting her to move out.
My Husband Gets Frustrated Interacting With Our Young Daughter
January 17, 2020
29-year-old Kristen has been married for five years and has a 2-year-old daughter. Although her husband provides for his family and makes it possible for Kristen to raise their child, he is not a very hands-on dad and gets easily frustrated with their daughter. How can Kristen help build a better father-daughter relationship???
After Our Recent Fallout, My Mother Only Wants To See Her Grandchild And Not Me
January 17, 2020
Amy has always had a strained relationship with her mother, and they recently had an awkward encounter during a visit to see Amy's sister and new baby. Now her mother only wants to see Amy's four-year-old daughter on the next family visit and not her! Should Amy just say no or try to repair the relationship with her mom?
Should I Write A Letter To My Mom About My Bad Childhood?
January 16, 2020
Kathleen's 94-year-old mom has just moved into a nursing home near Kathleen and her family. Although they only see her mom once a week, Kathleen feels this is too much because of her rocky childhood and her mom's parenting. Should the past be left in the past?
I'm Bothered By My Friend's Constant Advice!
January 15, 2020
Kathy's daughter got married this past summer and is due to have a "honeymoon baby." Kathy is frustrated, because her church friends are giving their unsolicited advice about her daughter's pregnancy and she wants a strategy to maintain her friendships while asserting her role as the mom and chief giver of advice.
I Sabotage My Relationships
January 14, 2020
Megan had a very difficult childhood moving back and forth between family members' homes while her mom and dad remarried and divorced numerous times. She fears that this early example of dysfunction is sabotaging her present relationships.
My Father Is Hurting My Feelings
January 14, 2020
Aliya is 15-years-old and her parents have been divorced since 2011. Recently , she has butted heads with her new step mom who is attempting to impose restrictions on her even while Aliya is living with her biological mother. Her father disregards her feelings by saying that his new wife IS her NEW mom and that as an adult he doesn't have to take this from a child. How can Aliya keep a relationship with her father when he seems to care so little?!
My Mom Puts Too Much Pressure On Me!
January 13, 2020
Kathryn manages twelve department stores and now that her mother's large department store has lost its lease, Kathryn feels it's her duty to step in and help her, despite the huge burden it will be on her career and family. Does she have to come to the rescue of family?
I Threatened To End My Life After Being Bullied
January 10, 2020
15-year-old Hannah threatened suicide on social media because she is very upset about how she is treated and bullied at school. She has been placed on a mandatory watch and she and her parents want to know how to move past this traumatic situation.
I Want To Find Happiness Again After Suffering Personal Losses
January 10, 2020
74-year-old Maria has lost two husbands and two of her three children. Her surviving child lives out of town. After so much loss and tragedy, how does she find some semblance of happiness?
I Don't Want Anything To Do With My Addict Mother
January 10, 2020
Danielle does not want her longtime addict mother and brother in her life but she continues to reach out and allow them to negatively influence her present. How should Danielle break this dysfunctional cycle?
I Knowingly Place Myself In Bad Situations
January 10, 2020
Carla has a dysfunctional family and she no longer wants to exhibit behaviors and habits as they do.
My Husband's Dinner Expectations Are Making Me Mad
January 09, 2020
Patty has been married for 42 years and for the past ten years her husband has been going to the bar with his friends after work for up to 2 hours. When he comes home intoxicated he expects dinner to be made even though Patty runs their family business. Now, Patty has found herself having enough of this routine!
Should I Reconnect With A Friend Who Has Backed Away?
January 08, 2020
Henry's close girlfriend has recently pulled away from their friendship and he's taken measures to block her on social media in retaliation. Henry now wants to reconnect with this friend, but does he have the right to force himself into her life?
I Feel Uncertain About My Future If I Reconcile With My Husband
January 07, 2020
Holly is 58-years-old and caught her husband of 13 years sending nude photos of himself to other women on Facebook. Should Holly forgive her husband's awful and disgusting behavior?
Is It My Fault That I Was Sexually Assaulted?
January 07, 2020
17-year-old Holly was sexually assaulted at a party, and she cannot relieve the pain of blaming herself for the assault.
Caller Testimony: If You Love Your Husband, Then Do Right by Him
January 06, 2020
Marie's husband of 31 years passed away six months ago. She calls into the program to emphasize how important it is to cherish your spouse, because you don't know how long you will have them.
Grief Is Affecting My Marriage
January 03, 2020
Amy's mother suddenly passed away a year ago, and lingering grief has begun to impact her marriage. How should Amy deal with her sadness over losing her mom while keeping her marriage alive?
My Ex Is Making Our Kids Feel Bad
January 03, 2020
Anita is currently divorced and her ex-husband only sees the kids on Sundays. The children are showing disinterest in seeing their father and he's angry and dismayed by their lack of caring. How should Anita support her ex-husband in spending more time with their children?
How Can I Be A Good Daughter-In-Law?
January 03, 2020
Laura's mother-in-law is a hoarder and her living situation is "disgusting". Laura wants to confront her mother-in-law about her seeming disinterest in her health and well-being, but at this point,it may be too little too late!
My Son Smoked Pot Instead Of Studying
January 03, 2020
Debbie recently accompanied her 19-year-old son Robert to Los Angeles to explore job opportunities in the music industry. Robert promised he wouldn't smoke marijuana while there but ultimately did. Debbie has since pulled the plug on supporting this plan. Since he doesn't keep his promises, is it time for Robert to become financially responsible for his own life?
Should One Ever Acknowledge Hearsay?
January 02, 2020
Marie's is still close to her former in-laws. Her ex-husband's new girlfriend, however, has been sharing with them gossip and rumors about Marie. How should Marie handle this situation without looking defensive and starting a war with this sneaky woman?
15.) COTD Top 15 of 2019 Countdown - Tammie Wants To Stop Being Controlled By Her Feelings
December 31, 2019
Tammie is stuck in a routine of keeping herself busy to bury her feelings. Dr. Laura helps her make a life changing breakthrough.
14.) COTD Top 15 of 2019 Countdown - What Is Our Meaning In Life?
December 31, 2019
Harper has been contemplating her importance in life. Ready to face the truth, she calls Dr. Laura for advice.
13.) COTD Top 15 of 2019 Countdown - Meeting My New Nephew Is Bringing up Painful Childhood Memories
December 31, 2019
Ashley is planning to go back to her hometown to meet her 6-month-old nephew. But recalling her rough upbringing has her conflicted.
12.) COTD Top 15 of 2019 Countdown - My Husband Is Grieving the Loss of His Father
December 31, 2019
After sharing the success story of her previous call with Dr. Laura, Brittany enlists her help once again. Her husband has recently lost his father and she wonders how she can best support him.
11.) COTD Top 15 of 2019 Countdown - My Friend Is Dating A Murderer
December 31, 2019
Terri's friend consistently makes bad decisions regarding men and most recently started "dating" a man in prison convicted of murder. Why does Terri befriend such a person and try to be her savior?
10.) COTD Top 15 of 2019 Countdown - I've Been Buying My Son's Love
December 31, 2019
Laura and her husband have been making the relationship with their adult son happen by giving him everything he needs. Dr. Laura helps her to realize what she needs to do.
9.) COTD Top 15 of 2019 Countdown - I'm Not Happy Anymore
December 31, 2019
Timothy and his wife got married when they were very young. He has grown "unhappy" with their marriage over the past 13 years and is contemplating leaving.
8.) COTD Top 15 of 2019 Countdown - I Don't Want To Grow Up!
December 31, 2019
Linda is 56, and is having a tough time accepting she is getting older. She misses the overt male attention she used to receive and hopes Dr. Laura can help her come to terms with aging.
7.) COTD Top 15 of 2019 Countdown - The Family Business Is Destroying Our Family
December 31, 2019
Kara is in business with her brother and she's tired of his verbal abuse at work. She is reluctant to walk away knowing it will drive a rift in her family and cause a financial hit, but her husband is tired of her being abused.
6.) COTD Top 15 of 2019 Countdown - My Son Asked Me Why I Haven't Gotten a Divorce
December 31, 2019
After finding Dr. Laura, Mary realized that she did not choose wisely. Now her 16-year-old son is noticing the way her husband treats her as well and is asking her why she hasn't ended the marriage.
5.) COTD Top 15 of 2019 Countdown - How Do I Find My Purpose?
December 31, 2019
Bryden is 21-years-old and is still searching for his purpose in life. He calls Dr. Laura to ask for help as he feels that time is fleeting.
4.) COTD Top 15 of 2019 Countdown - My Husband Is A Workaholic
December 31, 2019
Lee met her husband online and has been married for four and a half years. At first, her husband was sweet and attentive but soon after the wedding, he became work-obsessed and would rather travel for work and golf with coworkers than spend time with her. Lee is hoping there is a magic "cure" for him to change, but wonders if it's time to face the issue and possibly leave.
3.) COTD Top 15 of 2019 Countdown - I Fell In Love With Someone New After Growing Apart From My Wife
December 31, 2019
Jerry feels like he and his wife have grown apart and he has started seeing a younger woman. He's conflicted between this new love and his commitment to being a father and husband to his family and calls for advice.
2.) COTD Top 15 of 2019 Countdown - How Can I Confront My Parents?
December 31, 2019
Reid and his wife (who are Mormons) have decided to leave the church because they no longer believe. Reid calls Dr. Laura to ask how he should break the news to his parents.
1.) COTD Top 15 of 2019 Countdown - I'm Tired Of Being A Mom To My Mom
December 31, 2019
Janice has acted as the adult in her relationship with her parents. She calls Dr. Laura for help.
My Daughter Is Playing Dumb With Me Regarding Homework
December 30, 2019
Lauren's 7-year-old daughter has high marks with in-class reading. However, when Lauren assists her with at-home reading assignments, her daughter struggles to the point of tears! Lauren is concerned that her daughter is just playing "dumb," but worries that she should get to the bottom of her daughter's reaction.
Coming To Grips With My Spouse's Cancer Diagnosis
December 30, 2019
Jeff's wife has been diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. Since this tragic news, they have been "snapping" at each other frequently. How should Jeff react when his wife expresses her completely reasonable anger, hurt, confusion and dismay?
How Do I Help My Struggling 18-Year-Old Daughter?
December 30, 2019
Jerome has twin 18-year-old daughters attending college. One daughter is thriving while the other is struggling both academically and socially. Is the struggling daughter really doing what she wants to or is she in college to please her parents while trying to keep up with her sister?
My Friends Are Name-Calling!
December 30, 2019
Ava is 13-years-old and in the 8th grade. She has two "best friends" and they sometimes all razz each other, but today went beyond simple teasing and her friends reported her to the teacher. How should Ava make sure that the "playful banter" doesn't turn "bitter and mean"?
COTD Classic: Why Is My Dating Life Going Nowhere?
December 29, 2019
Chelsea is actively online dating and the results have been less than ideal. Dr. Laura helps Chelsea see why she hasn't been getting anywhere with these dates.
I Want To Cut Ties With My Mother
December 27, 2019
Alexis has cut all ties with her selfish mother who has gone overboard complaining about the estate left to her by her late ex-husband (and father to Alexis).
My Husband Is Always Complaining!
December 27, 2019
69-year-old Lea's husband is much older than she and for the last several years has been doing things that annoy her, even though she loves him just as much as the first day that they met. Should Lea start accepting that his irritating behaviors are his efforts to still have some semblance of power and control at this time in his life?
Do I Share My Sexual Past With My Child?
December 27, 2019
In front of her young son and husband, Laura's daughter asked if Laura had sex when she was in high school. The daughter took Laura's shock and hesitation as all the answer she needed. How should Laura turn this awkward situation into a learning moment?
I'm Not Doing A Good Job of Mothering
December 27, 2019
Carrie had a full-term stillborn a few weeks ago and is finding it hard to go back to being a happy, always on-the-go attentive mother to her other children while she is deep in mourning.
Who Is My Real Daddy?
December 26, 2019
Sara is a happily married stay-at-home mom to a 7-year-old who is not biologically her husband's, but her husband did legally adopt him at 14-months. Tara has tried to explain to her 7-year-old that his father is not his bio-dad but her son shows little understanding or interest. Should Tara postpone this discussion until he is older?
Carrying On In Life Without Your Sibling
December 23, 2019
Alice has decided to heed Dr. Laura's advice and is finally ready to cut ties after enduring five years of her sister's bad behavior.
My Teen Daughter Wants To Have Sex
December 23, 2019
Tara's 15-year-old daughter sent her a hurtful text about their relationship, while singing the praises of her friend's mother who allows HER daughter to spend more time with a boyfriend. Is Tara's daughter using very hurtful coercion through text?
My Prior Bad Marriage Is Affecting My New Relationship
December 23, 2019
63-year-old Debra spent 35 years in a bad marriage with a man who rejected her affection. Now years later, she's dating a man who is everything she could have ever hoped for, but she can't fully open up and embrace his love.
My Sex Life With My Husband Is Frustrating!
December 23, 2019
Laura has a one-year-old daughter with her husband, but she is frustrated with her husband's lack of sexual prowess and giving in the bedroom. While Laura admits this has been the case since the beginning of their relationship, she is ready to go on a sex strike until her husband gives in to her wishes.
COTD Classic: Is Being A Perfectionist Making You Miserable?
December 22, 2019
Lisa has a successful online career, but she's finding that the stress of being "the best" is bringing her down and ultimately driving a wedge in her marriage.
COTD Classic: My Sister Is A Snowflake
December 22, 2019
In this Call of the Day Classic episode, Michelle's 18-year-old sister is asking to move in with Michelle and her husband. She calls Dr. Laura for no-nonsense advice.
My Daughter-In-Law Constantly Points Out My Parenting Flaws
December 20, 2019
Nina's daughter in law complains and blames Nina for her husband's bad behavior. How should Nina respond to these attacks?
I'm Missing School And Now I'm Anxious
December 20, 2019
13-year-old Gabrielle suffers from a medical condition that sadly has her missing a lot of school. As an academic achiever, her absences cause her a significant amount of stress. How should Gabrielle and her family approach the school and come to an arrangement to help Gabrielle succeed?
You Taught Me The World Won't Wait For Me
December 20, 2019
Julia recently graduated from college and felt very lost until she called Dr. Laura. After speaking to Dr. Laura, Julia is now working full time, prioritizing her health, and even following her passion for writing!
I Worry About My Daughter's Self-Esteem
December 20, 2019
Sarah has three daughters, and her eldest daughter, who is four, receives the lion's share of praise about her looks. How should Sarah protect the self-esteem of her three-year-old middle daughter?
Do I Have To Spend Christmas With My Brother-In-Law?
December 19, 2019
Sally's not happy with the way her brother-in-law has been treating her own mother at holiday family functions. However, she has avoided addressing the matter directly with her sister. How can Sally find the guts to stand up to these bad people?
My Mom Is Taking Away Christmas!
December 18, 2019
8-year-old Xavier has been on the "naughty list" having been disrespectful to his mom. Now his mother wants to take away Christmas as punishment. Is his mom being fair or should she take another approach to his poor behavior?
I Don't Want To Spend The Holidays With My In-Laws
December 17, 2019
Stevie has chosen not to spend the holidays with her husband and his family as doing so has been unpleasant in past years. Her husband has been supportive of this decision, but she wonders if this move is truly generous on her part?
I Wasn't Invited To My Friend's Holiday Party
December 17, 2019
The communication between 14-year-old Amelia and her best friend has been dwindling throughout the school year. Most recently, her friend chose not to invite her to a Christmas party. Now, in response, Amelia wonders if she should exclude her friend from her own party?
My Wife Is Unpleasant Towards Me
December 16, 2019
Jim says his wife has been unpleasant since the birth of their second child nearly 19 years ago. Does he have an obligation to wait it out till his son graduates high school or should the marriage end today?
COTD Classic: I Can't Keep My Husband Happy
December 15, 2019
In this Call of the Day Classic episode, Erica and David have been married for 10 years and have 2 children. Erica thinks that it's her fault that David isn't happy and has become exhausted trying to please him. She says that David is happy one moment, then questions why they're together and threatens to divorce her in the next. David says that he doesn't want to leave and won't divorce her, but he doesn't feel appreciated and thinks that she ignores him. They call in together to ask Dr. Laura for advice.
COTD Classic: If My Mom Was A Bad Parent, Why Do I Miss Her?
December 15, 2019
In this Call of the Day Classic episode, Sarah has been estranged from her mother for years; but has recently found out that she passed away. Now she can't help but feel that the sadness she feels is misplaced.
COTD Classic: How Do You Move On When You've Lost The Love Of Your Life?
December 15, 2019
In this Call of the Day Classic episode...ever since his wife died from cancer, Steven has been struggling to pick up the pieces and move forward with his life. What is he doing wrong?
I Feel Bad For Turning In My Son
December 13, 2019
Tracy is having a hard time coming to terms with her decision to call the authorities on her son for abusing his girlfriend. How can she get past the feeling of sadness, even though she knows she did the right thing?
Should I Quit My Job As A Stay-At-Home Mom?
December 13, 2019
Leanne resents her husband's request that she transition from "stay-at-home mom" to "career mom" to assist with the finances. How can they find a common ground as her husband pursues a new dream occupation?
My Mother Is Belittling My Church
December 13, 2019
Tara's mother refuses to stop belittling the Mormon church she attends and shares that view directly with Tara's teenage daughter. Tara has asked her mom to stop, but she refuses to back down. Tara doesn't like confrontation, so she's wondering what she should do next.
Doing The Right Thing After Tragedy
December 13, 2019
Lilian's family was involved in a traffic car crash that killed both her husband and daughter. She is finding it very hard to pack her bags and move her surviving children to be closer with family. She calls Dr. Laura to seek a "backbone" to push ahead with the move for the sake of her kids' well-being.
Thank You For Helping Me With My Mother
December 12, 2019
Elizabeth thanks Dr. Laura for helping her end a terrible relationship with her mother, even though it was really difficult to do so.
My Best Friend Is Flirting With My Girlfriend
December 11, 2019
A close friend is flirting with Jack's girlfriend and sending inappropriate pictures to her. What steps should Jack take to hold his friend accountable for his actions?
How Can We Keep The Peace Raising Our Child?
December 10, 2019
Erica was married to her abusive ex-husband for three years and finds it hard to interact with him. With her anger and resentment building, what can Erica do to co-parent in a peaceful fashion?
Difficulty Bonding With Others
December 10, 2019
Debra has felt "rejected" her entire life and believe it stems in part from her father having an affair and being disinterested in his family when Debra was young. Moving forward, Debra is very social but her fear of rejection has made her emotionally and romantically distant.
My Husband Is Placing Work Before Family
December 09, 2019
Michelle and Adam are both 33-years-old and have been married for 15 years. Adam owns and operates a medium-sized business that consumes a majority of his life and Michelle is raising their four children aged 14, 6, 3, and 3 months. What can Michelle and Adam do to find a healthy and viable work-life balance while building a business and raising four kids?
COTD Classic: Red Flag Relationships
December 08, 2019
In this Call of the Day Classic episode, James heard Dr. Laura speak on the statistics of divorce in the U.S. and began to see many red flags in his own relationship.
COTD Classic: Withholding Affection?
December 08, 2019
In this Call of the Day Classic episode, Terri and Rick have been married for 27 years and Rick has expressed that he doesn't feel that Terri shows him enough affection. Terri agrees that she hasn't been affectionate but in turn doesn't foresee herself changing.
COTD Classic: I Regret Getting Married
December 08, 2019
In this Call of the Day Classic episode, Jessica and her husband have been married for 22 years. Jessica admits that the first 15 years of her marriage were challenging and she has yet to acknowledge the possibility that she made a mistake staying in the marriage or getting married in the first place.
Thank You For The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands
December 06, 2019
Lauren has been seeing a premarital counselor with her fiancé and the counselor suggests she read "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands".
Should I Be Closer To My Alcoholic Sister?
December 06, 2019
Taylor has had no relationship with her sister for the past year because of her sister's alcoholism and seeming jealousy over Taylor's new baby. Should Taylor attempt to reconnect with her sister?
Does My Grandchild Come First?
December 06, 2019
Mary has been divorced for two years after her husband of twenty-six years had an affair. He is now shacking up with "the other woman."Mary's adult daughter is having a birthday party for Mary's grandchild and Mary's ex will be attending with his shack-up honey. Should Mary attend the birthday for her granddaughter's sake?
When Is Daddy Coming Home From Heaven?
December 06, 2019
Chris's best friend died leaving behind a wife and two small children who have not come to terms with their father's passing. Chris has explained that their daddy is up in heaven and not coming back but they can't accept this answer. What should Chris do from this point?
I Messed Up My Daughter's Life
December 05, 2019
Brenda was in a bad marriage and thinks she has set a bad example for her daughter regarding how a woman should be treated by a man, especially by a husband. How can Brenda redeem herself with her daughter who is now 21?
Explaining What Abortion Really Is To A Child
December 04, 2019
What is the best way, if there is one, to explain abortion to a child?
I Married A Drunk...Now What?
December 03, 2019
Caroline met her now-husband in college, but most of their relationship has been long-distance due to work. Caroline quit her job and moved in with him a year ago. Having now been married for a month, she's been concerned about his drinking and feels awful she's made the mistake of moving in and marrying him.
Dealing With An Ungrateful Family Member
December 03, 2019
Claire has a 19-year-old niece who seemingly takes advantage of her mom and rarely reciprocates any niceties. Does Claire have an obligation to maintain a relationship with her niece or end it?
I'm Upset That My In-Laws Don't Want To Be Grandparents
December 02, 2019
28-year-old Megan has been married for two years and has a toddler. Despite her in-laws living in the same town, they rarely come to visit. Instead, they visit her sister-in-law and children who live two hours away. How should Megan approach her in-laws regarding their blatant favoritism?
COTD Classic: I'm Tired Of Being A Mom To My Mom
December 01, 2019
In this Call of the Day Classic episode, Janice has acted as the adult in her relationship with her parents. She calls Dr. Laura for help.
COTD Classic: How Can I Confront My Parents?
December 01, 2019
In this Call of the Day Classic episode, Reid and his wife (who are Mormons) have decided to leave the church because they no longer believe. Reid calls Dr. Laura to ask how he should break the news to his parents.
COTD Classic: My Family Didn't Even Try - Part 1
December 01, 2019
In this Call of the Day Classic episode...on Mother's Day morning, Margaret awoke to NO gifts or acknowledgment from her husband or her three children, and she is understandably offended and hurt.
COTD Classic: My Family Didn't Even Try - Part 2
December 01, 2019
In this Call of the Day Classic episode...Margaret Part 2: Margaret's 15-year-old daughter speaks to Dr. Laura to give clarity as to why she and her siblings did nothing for their mother on Mother's Day.
COTD Classic: I Fell In Love With Someone New After Growing Apart From My Wife
December 01, 2019
In this Call of the Day Classic episode, Jerry feels like he and his wife have grown apart and he has started seeing a younger woman. He's conflicted between this new love and his commitment to being a father and husband to his family and calls for advice.
I Don't Trust My Husband's Employee
November 27, 2019
Karina and her husband own a small business and she's decided to step back from her role to spend more time with their kids. A woman who has been working for them will assume Karina's position and duties even though she may not be up to the task. How does Karina approach her husband about this leadership change without sounding jealous or petty?
Should I Relocate For My Grandchild's Sake?
November 27, 2019
63-year-old Steve lives 3,000 miles from his three children. Recently, he was asked by one of his daughters to move in and help her raise her son while her "baby daddy" is in jail. Steve feels that he has enabled and saved his daughter too many times and is hesitant to accept her offer. If Steve moves in...would he really be helping his daughter or more so his grandson?
Arguments Are Taking Over Our Relationship
November 27, 2019
25-year-old Cody has been dating his girlfriend for a little over a year. After a few recent fights, Cody feels she gets annoyed with him too easily and does not respect him as a partner or a man. Should Cody stay in this relationship or should he heed the red flags?
My Son Avoided A Speeding Ticket
November 27, 2019
Shelly THOUGHT she was telling Dr. Laura a great story about how his great conversational ability helped her son get out of a speeding ticket. But Dr. Laura turns the tables and teaches HER a lesson!
Is My Ego Ruining My Marriage?
November 27, 2019
Samantha and her husband are constantly fighting and she wants to know if her NEED to be right is sabotaging her marriage.
Should I Back Out Of My Brother's Wedding?
November 27, 2019
Lauren's younger brother is soon to be married but his lifelong anger issues have deeply troubled both his fiancé and Lauren. Should Lauren participate in the upcoming wedding knowing that her brother hasn't changed?
My Boyfriend Is Hanging Out With Other Women
November 26, 2019
Megan's boyfriend of ten months is hanging out with female co-workers and only tells her afterward. Is Megan being jealous or is this a HUGE red flag?
Co-Parenting With A Cheater
November 26, 2019
Erica has been divorced for two years and is now co-parenting with her ex. She finds the parenting arrangement difficult, because she still harbors resentment because her ex-husband cheated on her throughout their marriage. How does Erica move past her anger to find the best course of action for her child.
I Want A Relationship With My Mom
November 25, 2019
Mikhalia is 23-years-old and has always had a strained relationship with her mom, who took more interest in work and her boss's children than in her. How can Mikhalia reign in her resentment?
How Can I Help My Son?
November 22, 2019
Sandy's 41-year-old son has gained over 100 pounds within the last year. How should she approach her son about his significant weight gain and possible contributing factors?
I'm Ready For Something Different
November 22, 2019
Kristina was married for 20 years, has been divorced for 15, and just recently kicked out her live-in boyfriend.
Cutting Off My Shack-Up Daughter
November 22, 2019
Rebecca's daughter is in college and has recently moved in with her boyfriend who she says she is going to marry. Rebecca and her husband stopped paying for her school and her bills and then got a text from the daughter's soon to be in-laws that they should resume paying for the daughter! How should Rebecca respond to her future "family"?
You Got Through To My Daughter
November 22, 2019
Janet has been listening to Dr. Laura since 1978! Janet's daughter has taken issue with Dr. Laura's advice and methods over the years but recently she has been asking, "what would Dr. Laura say?".
Are High Schoolers Ready To Date?
November 21, 2019
Marie is a high school freshman. and she likes a boy who is a junior, but her parents are against her dating, because she is only 14. Are her parents being reasonable and what age should kids start dating?
I Need More From My Wife
November 20, 2019
Both Clay and Michelle are 39 years old and have been married for three years. Recently Michelle's mom passed away and Clay has been at home taking care of their two-year-old, while Michelle has been away. They have begun to fight, because, while she's been with her family, Clay thinks she hasn't checked in enough and has not given him enough attention.
I Don't Want To Admit That I'm Struggling
November 19, 2019
Leslie's husband of 60 years has just completed his fifth round of chemo for an aggressive form of cancer. Leslie friends and family are asking her how she is coping with being her husband's caretaker and she feels bad answering truthfully.
What Is Best For My Family?
November 19, 2019
Six months ago Lillian's husband and eldest daughter were killed in a car accident leaving Lillian with two small boys. Lillian's parents have invited her and her children to live with them and be surrounded by a supportive family. Lillian is ready to move but she fears she is losing her "backbone" in the midst of all the tragedy and upheaval.
I'm Not Attracted To My Husband
November 17, 2019
Paulette is no longer attracted to her husband, to the point where she does not want to be touched by him. She blames it on her "past," but Dr. Laura knows that Paulette's recent aversion to her husband is much more nuanced.
Everyone Is Being Petty
November 15, 2019
Sabrina is about to be a first-time grandma but her daughter and her mother-in-law are at odds over petty issues...whose side should Sabrina take when both sides are being petty?
My Daughter Is Dying
November 15, 2019
Rachel's 23-year-old daughter is in ailing health and may not have long to live. Rachel is worried that if she expresses her extreme sadness it will hurt her daughter's feelings but Dr. Laura urges Rachel to be open and communicate with truly and openly.
Am I Mature Enough To Date?
November 15, 2019
At what age are we mature enough to start seriously dating? Sara is 23-years-old and doesn't feel ready or emotionally mature enough to start do so.
My Daughter Gets Scared At Sleepovers
November 15, 2019
Olivia is eight years old, and she gets scared during sleepovers and starts to miss her mom. Could these fears and longing be connected to her parent's recent divorce?
I Resent My Parents
November 14, 2019
Both Stephanie's parents made her a secondary priority when it came to having relationships rather than raising their daughter, and Stephanie has A LOT of resentment.
Does Divorce Take An Emotional Toll On Children?
November 13, 2019
Riley is 8-years-old and she wants to know how she can make her mom less sad while her parents are going through a divorce.
I Wish My Kid Was Different
November 12, 2019
Charlene has three children, and she wants to know if and how she can change parts of her eight-year old's mannerisms and personality.
How Can I Help My Son?
November 12, 2019
Theresa's son recently harmed himself after finding out that his wife was having an affair. How she can help her son through this tumultuous time?
Should I Tell My Kids I Was Married Once Before?
November 11, 2019
Susan wants to tell her young children that she was previously married before being marrying their father... and Dr. Laura asks why.
My Husband Isn't In Love With Me
November 08, 2019
Jennifer's husband of 14 years has told her he loves her, but he's not "IN LOVE" with her. Has Jennifer's lack of affection pushed her husband away?
I Don't Want To Meet My Half-Siblings
November 08, 2019
Yolanda has never had a relationship with her father or his family, but recently, her half-siblings (who she's never met), want to develop a relationship. Is it okay for Yolanda not to meet her half-siblings?
I Feel Betrayed By My Mom
November 08, 2019
Two years ago, Melody's mother paid a visit to Melody's abusive ex-husband, stating that she never believed that he was actually abusive. Now, Melody's mother wants to visit her and her siblings and Melody worries she wont be able to emotionally handle herself after the "betrayal."
My Son-In-Law Is Being Unreasonable
November 08, 2019
Jeanne recently lost her husband, but before his passing, he planned his celebration of life ceremony with his daughter. Days before he passed, the daughter's husband said that the celebration of life planning was putting "stress" on his wife.
Where Should I Focus My Energy?
November 07, 2019
Elyse is undergoing a double mastectomy within the week, but she is worried about comforting and taking care of her husband, who is stressing out about his adult daughter shacking up.
Blessed With 40 Years Of Marriage
November 06, 2019
Don discusses the trials and tribulations that come with 40 years of marriage, and how he would not have traded a single second for anything else in the world!
They Only Care About Inheritance
November 05, 2019
Nicole's mother and brother passed away within seven months of each other. Soon after, Nicole's extended family got aggressive about claiming possible inheritance money. How do you cope with grief when greedy "hyenas" are hounding you?
How To Deal With Snarky Comments
November 05, 2019
When she was only 30, Veronica lost her first husband during their honeymoon. Now that she has remarried, people like to comment about how "lucky" she is to find love again. How should Veronica respond to people who she thinks may be snarky?
Realizing My Health Is Important
November 04, 2019
Charles is 60 years old and has made significant changes in his lifestyle to maintain his health. He calls to thank Dr. Laura for being a motivating force behind this healthy change.
Are Money Troubles Hurting Your Marriage?
November 01, 2019
Emily and her husband are always worried about finances. Recently, Emily's husband has expressed that he will not be taking a job that comes with a significant pay increase, and that has caused things to heat up in their marriage.
My Role Model
November 01, 2019
Kim thanks Dr. Laura for being her role model.
My Dad Has A Shack-Up Honey
November 01, 2019
17-year-old Lily lives with her father and recently her father's girlfriend of a few weeks has moved in with them. Lily and the girlfriend do not get along and this animosity came to a head in an all-out screaming match. What should Lily do to help her dad see his "piggish" ways?
I Need To Control Everything
November 01, 2019
Sue tries to control situations that are uncomfortable for her...she even tries to control Dr. Laura! How can Sue learn to let go of her 'death grip' on social interactions?
Can I Break The Tension In My Marriage?
October 31, 2019
Michelle's husband of 23 years has a hair-pin temper and he lashes out at the slightest provocation. It's starting to get even worse. After 23 years of this verbal and emotional tension, what is Michelle to do?
You're My Angel
October 30, 2019
Mary-Elizabeth sees Dr. Laura as an 'angel' to many women who are in need of truly inspirational advice.
Does My Mom Genuinely Miss Me?
October 29, 2019
Chris is 28 years old and has a very strained relationship with his mother who never made him feel wanted. Even though he has limited contact with her, his mom reached out to "mend" their relationship and invited Chris to her destination wedding. He thinks this gesture is insincere and that his mom only wants him there for the photo-op.
Stopping Class Rumors
October 29, 2019
12-year-old Ava is in 6th grade and kids in her class have started "dating" which seems to entail holding hands and saying they are boyfriend/girlfriend. Ava has a friend (a boys he's known since she was 5) and she wants to know how to address classmates who constantly ask if they are "dating".
My In-Laws Aren't Good Parents
October 28, 2019
Jeff is annoyed with his in-laws' seemingly uncaring nature and he wants to know if he should confront his in-laws on his wife's behalf.
Should I Get Involved In Family Drama?
October 25, 2019
Jennifer has recently discovered that one of her brothers stole another brother's identity and ran up a large debt to fund his gambling addiction, an addiction his family has hidden from her for years. Should Jennifer get more involved in this mess?
Does Size Matter?
October 25, 2019
Lexus is a 24-year-old born-again virgin who wants to be celibate until marriage. She has been dating a guy for 3 months and she wants to know if it's appropriate to ask him about the size and girth of his penis.
My Husband Has Been Hiring Sex Workers
October 25, 2019
Jessica and her husband have been married for 13 years and have 2 young kids. Recently Jessica discovered that her husband has been seeing prostitutes and attempting to have casual sex with strangers for 10 years. What does Jessica do NOW?!
I'm Afraid Of Failure
October 25, 2019
Fernando has FINALLY gotten a promotion that has ended his stagnant career, but he is afraid of failing in this new position. Is this a normal response to such great news?
Sibling Squabbles
October 24, 2019
10-year-old Maya has a busy morning routine of reading and instrument practice, but she is tired of being distracted by her brother watching television. What can Mom do to solve this issue?
You Nagged Me Into A Better Life
October 23, 2019
Paula is a marriage and family therapist who thanks Dr. Laura for her lifestyle advice.
My Daughter Wants To Marry A Snowflake
October 22, 2019
Michelle's 24-year-old daughter is dating a 26 year who has no job and lives at home, yet they want to get married! Michelle's daughter refuses to understand why her parents are opposed to giving their blessing for this union.
Making Your Marriage Work After Infidelity
October 22, 2019
Alicia had an affair. Her husband went through a phase of doing everything he could to appease her, but now he is becoming distant. How does a family recover after infidelity and what can the cheater do to help the healing?
Dealing With Mean Girls At School
October 21, 2019
Isabella is in high school and does not want to deal with teen drama, but she finds herself at odds with a particularly difficult girl at school.
I Lost My Wife To Cancer
October 18, 2019
Izzy lost his wife of 38 years to cancer and doesn't know how he's going to ever get past his grief and pain.
How To Deal With Insensitive People
October 18, 2019
Sarah and her husband have been battling infertility and all the while Sarah's mom has been making cruel, insensitive, and disparaging remarks about their struggle. How does one deal with a cruel family member?
Life After Abuse
October 18, 2019
Susan is 58-years-old and is trying to come to terms with the years of her adoptive mom's emotional abuse.
What Are Reasonable Expectations For Long Distance Relationships?
October 18, 2019
Andrew is going on his yearly trip to visit his brother and his brother's family. He gets upset that when he is with the family they have a great time, but when he leaves there isn't much communication.
How Can I Stave Off Unsolicited Gossip?
October 17, 2019
Julie lives in a condominium complex with a large retiree population that likes to gossip. Julie wants to avoid all the drama, but she finds herself being approached every time she leaves her condo.
People Think I'm A Pessimist
October 16, 2019
Do people label you as a "pessimist" when you just look at things realistically?
Can A Relationship Work If One Party Isn't Sexually Interested?
October 15, 2019
Mattie is 23-years-old and has been dating a really nice guy for about a year. The only problem is she's NOT attracted to him.
Why Is Everyone Mothering Me?
October 15, 2019
Debbie is a successful businesswoman, but she's tired of women in her social circle giving her advice and "mothering" her. Why do the women in her life feel a need to counsel Debbie?
Should We Mend Our Relationship With Our Neighbors?
October 14, 2019
Carrie's husband Chris is frequently away for work and Carrie has relied on the generosity of her female neighbor to help fix and maintain the house. Recently the female neighbor gave Chris some unsolicited advice that very quickly turned into an argument where mean things were said.
On-Again Off-Again Relationships
October 11, 2019
Rachel has been in an on-again/off-again relationship for two years with a guy who cannot fully get over his ex who he dumped for Rachel. Recently Rachel found out that he's still in touch with his ex-girlfriend because she called Rachel to tell her so!
How Should I Respond To Criticism From Other Moms?
October 11, 2019
Bethany is a stay-at-home mom and proud of it, but in her social circles she is the odd one out and gets criticized for her choice.
Do I Need To Have A Relationship With My Mom?
October 11, 2019
Jennifer has very limited contact with her mother because of her mother's addiction to alcohol. Jennifer's sibling maintains a relationship with mom, but should Jennifer overlook the alcoholism just to be part of the status quo?
What Should I Expect Of My College-Aged Son?
October 11, 2019
Ellisa's 19-year-old son has graduated high school and will be living at home while he attends community college. Ellisa has expectations while her son still lives under her roof, but are those expectations reasonable?
Your Advice Gave Me the Boost I Needed
October 10, 2019
Darla called last April about her struggles with finishing her Ph.D and writing her book. After getting Dr. Laura's advice, Darla developed a healthy perspective on her education and has finished her book!
Should I Give My Marriage A Second Chance?
October 09, 2019
Robert has been listening to Dr. Laura for 11 months and wants to know if he should invest time into rekindling a relationship with his ex-wife from whom he was recently divorced. Did he make mistakes in the past that led to the divorce?
I Want To Adopt My Adult Daughter's Friend
October 08, 2019
Marlene wants to adopt her daughter's best friend who is 22-years-old and has had a tumultuous family life. Is Marlene doing this to support the young lady or is she doing this to satisfy a savior complex?
I Hate My Passport Photo
October 08, 2019
Marilyn and Jerry are renewing their passports and Marilyn has decided to delay the process because she doesn't like how her passport picture turned out. Jerry is annoyed with the delay but is it really worth starting a fight over?
My Sister Is Neglecting Our Aging Parents
October 07, 2019
Robin's sister does not help in the care of their parents and Robin is extremely frustrated that her parents don't acknowledge her sister's negligence. Should Robin discuss with her parents her sister's obvious lack of concern and caring for their well-being?
What If I'm Not A Good Mom?
October 04, 2019
Rebecca has concerns that she isn't "good enough" to be a mom and Dr. Laura sets her straight!
Should I Allow My Parents Back Into My Life?
October 04, 2019
Maureen ended her relationship with her parents seven years ago because her father was verbally and emotionally abusive. For the last two years, her parents have been calling and texting in an attempt to rekindle a relationship, yet they have not made any attempt to accept responsibility for their actions or say "sorry".
Your Guidance Changed My Life
October 04, 2019
Maggie thanks Dr. Laura for over 30 years of advice and guidance!
Honor Thy Father And Mother
October 04, 2019
Sisters Carla and Cara think their mother has a tendency to voice her unsolicited opinion at inappropriate times, while Mom thinks she's just asking questions and being supportive.
Are We All Worthy Of Love?
October 03, 2019
Anna is distraught that she has never been married, has no children, and generally shies away from platonic or romantic relationships. Is Anna scared of being rejected or afraid that any relationships will implode? Are we all "worthy" of love?
Fighting Over Politics
October 02, 2019
10-year-old Josephine is being bullied at school for her, and her family's, political opinions. How can Josephine navigate the social dynamics of the 4th grade without compromising her support of the President and her own personal thoughts and opinions?
Getting Back With Your Ex
October 01, 2019
Erika has been twice divorced but she has recently rekindled a relationship with herfirst ex-husband. Should it matter that her son from the first marriage disapproves?
Can I Influence My Kids' Choices?
October 01, 2019
Samantha is going to therapy because she wants to understand how better to dictate the actions of her daughter in college. WHAT?!
I Keep Confessing My Infidelities
September 30, 2019
James has been married for 15 years. He has confessed his multiple infidelities to his wife because his "conscience" couldn't handle the "guilt." Is James trying to be a better man or is this bombshell confession just more self-centered behavior?
What Is Controlling?
September 27, 2019
Martin and his wife of less than a year are in their 50s and every so often Martin's wife has an impromptu girls night out without consulting Martin. Should Martin dictate when his wife goes out with friends?
Stop People Pleasing
September 27, 2019
Sunday wants to stop being a people pleaser and she's sick and tired of her kindness being taken advantage of by manipulators in her life.
Do As I Say Not As I Do
September 27, 2019
Kevin is 23 and pursuing a degree in psychology with hopes of going to grad school and becoming a counselor. Kevin's mom is concerned becausehis history is anything BUT responsible and she's tired of supporting him completely.
Should Moms Have Vespas?
September 27, 2019
Sara wants to buy a Vespa for her 48th birthday but her husband worries about her safety and what would happen to their kids if they were to lose their mom to an accident.
I Wish My Mother Would Change
September 26, 2019
Jeff is having trouble opening a dialogue with his "emotionally detached" mother.He wonders if a talk can really change someone.
What's Wrong With Shacking Up?!
September 25, 2019
Theresa is in a relationship and feels there is no need for marriage because its "just a piece of paper." Why should she even consider marriage?
Should I Be Worried?
September 24, 2019
Toni received a call from her daughter's gynecologist regarding "test results." Should Toni be concerned?
Daddy Issues
September 24, 2019
Nicole's father was an abusive drunk throughout her childhood. Now that he has passed away, she wants to know if she should "forgive" him.
Are Gifts Sacred?
September 23, 2019
8-year-old Jordan received a gift from his 5 year-old neighbor for his birthday. Jordan wants to know if and how he can return the gift and get something he wants without hurting the neighbor's feelings.
On The Job Hunt
September 20, 2019
Nancy is unemployed and she spends the majority of her day looking online for work. Recently, after picking her husband up from his work, he asked what she "does all day" which she took as confrontational and condescending. Was Nancy's husband just curious or showing his frustration?
You've Already Made An Impact On Me
September 20, 2019
Robert is a new listener to Dr Laura, and he calls to thank her for her words of kindness, knowledge, and wisdom.
Is There A Right Way To Mourn?
September 20, 2019
Amy's mom passed away 3 years ago. Amy has never bawled her eyes out in grief and is concerned that she is mourning the "wrong" way.
I Chose The Wrong Man
September 20, 2019
Annie did not choose wisely and her relationship with her husband of only a few years is spiraling. They have a one year old son and she wants to keep the family together for his sake but how can she make a "happy home" work with a man she does not love?
I Want To Renovate The House, But My Husband Said No
September 19, 2019
Cheryl has been married 20 years and she would like to renovate their 100+ year old home, but her husband is hesitant to do so. How can Cheryl convince him to agree to a long, expensive, and overdue renovation?
I Was Reluctant To Take Your Advice
September 18, 2019
Michael called Dr. Laura a year ago and thought the advice he received was "stupid," but it worked and ended up sparing his family from a long and ugly custody battle with his estranged birth parents.
Gaining The Confidence to Say 'No'
September 17, 2019
13-year-old Avery lacks the confidence to tell people around her "NO". Recently, she spent all her money at a local fair paying for her cousin to play games, an activity Avery didn't even want to do. Avery's mom admits that she also has a problem with confidence. How can this mother and daughter find their voice and finally start saying "NO"!!!
My Husband Wants To Be A Rock Star
September 17, 2019
Tina is 38 years old, has been married 14 years and has two kids. She and her husband are members of a cover band and her husband has taken it upon himself to become the sole guitarist in the band. A new guitarist, who is much better, has joined the band and now Tina's husband is expressing dismay and jealousy. How can Tina be supportive, but remind her husband that his main responsibility is to the health and welfare of his family and not being lead guitarist?
I Was a Shack-Up Honey
September 16, 2019
Elizabeth just got out of a 4-year relationship where she was "shacking up." Now that the relationship is over, she wants to know why it ended BUT Dr. Laura wants to know why she shacked up for 4 years in the first place!
When Should You Get A Prenuptial Agreement?
September 13, 2019
Jay is thinking about proposing to his girlfriend but he has kids and this would be his second marriage, so wants to get a prenup. Does asking for one show a lack of faith in the relationship?
Knowing What's Best For Your Family
September 13, 2019
Brittany's father-in-law is dying, and the family is driving to see him over the weekend. They plan to rent an RV and take the long drive in segments, but Brittany (who has small children) wants her husband to resist this idea because it's not ideal with small kids. Should Brittany go along with the overall plan or push back?
My Son Is A Sore Loser
September 13, 2019
11-year-old Ben struggles with feelings and expressions of anger particularly after he loses at a game or a sport. Dr. Laura explains to Ben that these mini "failures" are all necessary on the path of proficiency, achievement, and success.
Setting Expectations With Your Kids
September 13, 2019
Tony has difficulty communicating with his 14-year-old daughter regarding chores and her willingness to help around the house. Dr. Laura helps Tony organize his expectations and together they develop a list of his daughter's favorite activities AND chores that must be done in order to enjoy those activities.
My Brother Is Being Stupid
September 12, 2019
Deanne's brother is dating a woman who regularly abuses drugs, has slept with other men for drugs, and has even been incarcerated for attempting to physically harm him. Deanne's brother continues to see this woman and Deanne asks Dr. Laura if she should try to maintain a relationship with her brother or distance herself from a dangerous situation.
I Don't Want To Relapse
September 11, 2019
Erin is recently sober after years of alcohol abuse and she is feeling better than ever! Her family still drinks, and Erin wants to know how to navigate and maintain relationships with those who drink at every occasion without risking relapse herself.
Staying The Course
September 10, 2019
Mandy thanks Dr. Laura for advice that aided her in navigating and maintaining her marriage and relationships while she battled breast cancer.
Mean Kids At School
September 10, 2019
11-year-old Aiden is having trouble at school because the popular kids enjoy behaving meanly on a computer game and exclude kids like Aiden who don't join in their negativity. Is being popular really worth one's "soul"?
My Daughter Wants To Dye Her Hair
September 09, 2019
Martha's young daughter asked her why she cannot dye her hair or do other aesthetic things that she sees her mother doing. Is Martha's daughter in the right for asking this question and is this a really good teaching opportunity?
My Fiancé Won't Stop Buying Shoes
September 06, 2019
Nicole's fiancé has a large shoe collection and although he is in debt and needs a car, he continues to buy shoes. Nicole yelled at him for his most recent purchase and wonders how she should deal with this situation moving forward.
Marriage Maintenance
September 06, 2019
Jennifer is 49 and has been married since she was 17. She thanks Dr. Laura for 31 years of priceless advice that has helped her lovingly maintain her marriage and truly appreciate her husband for who he is.
Leaving Conflicts Behind
September 06, 2019
Kim thanks Dr. Laura for her advice with regard to dealing with confrontation. Now that Kim has been armed with the tools she needs to effectively deal with confrontation, no one has confronted her!
I Don't Want To Rock The Boat
September 06, 2019
Hillary is part of a social circle where everyone's kids and husbands are also friends. Hillary feels that one woman in particular is not reciprocating her friendliness and wants to know how to back off from this woman without damaging this tightly-knit friendship group.
Facing The Truth
September 05, 2019
Gloria's husband is in his 70s and he is experiencing hearing loss but refuses to address or acknowledge any issue.
My Marriage Wouldn't Be What It Is Without You
September 04, 2019
Kelley thanks Dr. Laura for her years of advice that influenced the behavior changes that saved her marriage.
Dealing With Loss
September 03, 2019
Lou's 21-year-old daughter has endured the loss of a brother, boyfriend and grandfather in close succession and is receiving therapy to cope with the losses. Last night her indoor-outdoor cat went missing and Lou found that the cat hat been hit by a car. Should Lou be forthright with his daughter about the most recent loss?
How To Deal With An Impatient Friend
September 03, 2019
Elise is 13 and she is part of a group chat. One friend in particular gets very impatient in the group chat if other members do not respond immediately.
In Praise Of Stay-At-Home Moms
September 02, 2019
During a recent family get-together, Jon publicly praised his relative who has chosen to be a stay-at-home mother. Turns out her decision to raise her child was heavily influenced by listening to Dr. Laura!
Should I Give Up?
August 30, 2019
Carole is heavily involved in the sport of dressage but with more failures than successes during competitions, Carole is beginning to doubt herself and lose her passion.
I Don't Like My Mom's Husband
August 30, 2019
Megan is 17 and she does not like or get along with her mom's husband of one year. Megan has strong opinions about their marriage and dynamic but is it any of her business?
You Saved My Marriage
August 30, 2019
Allison recently completed Dr. Laura's Marriage 101 course and she wholeheartedly believes it saved her marriage.
Good Childhood, BAD Life Choices?
August 30, 2019
Nancy believes that she raised her two children well, yet both children dropped out of high school in their senior year.
On Saving Yourself For Marriage
August 29, 2019
Neve is a college senior and after listening to Dr. Laura she has COMPLETELY reconsidered her values regarding sex and especially sex before marriage.
Thank You
August 28, 2019
Marget calls to thank Dr. Laura for her years of good advice!
How To Have A Fun Marriage
August 27, 2019
Anna tells Dr. Laura how her advice has helped her marriage not just survive but be fun and exciting!
When Tragedy Strikes
August 27, 2019
Jack and his wife unexpectedly lost a child and he wants to express his gratitude to Dr. Laura for her work as a whole, and her influence in his family's life as they move forward from such tragedy.
Working On Your Marriage After Infidelity
August 26, 2019
Tommy cheated on his wife two years ago and since then, they have been separated so that they may 'work' on themselves'. Dr. Laura dispels all the psychobabble and sets Tommy straight on what he needs to do to get his family back!
Struggling With Fertility
August 23, 2019
Cherise and her husband are on the physically and emotionally difficult journey of fertility treatments and Cherise hopes Dr. Laura can give her some much-needed HOPE.
My Friends Make Me Anxious
August 23, 2019
Kristen has awful anxiety when she is around a select handful of friends and family, and she hopes Dr. Laura can rid her of this negative response to people in her life.
Talking About Marriage
August 23, 2019
Maxine has been dating a man for 7 years and although in the beginning of the relationship she was ok with being just a girlfriend, that sentiment has changed. She cries when she thinks about approaching her boyfriend about marriage, because she fears he will leave if she does.
Is Seeking Closure A Good Idea?
August 23, 2019
Shannon's ex-boyfriend wants closure on why she would never let him see her phone or explain who was texting and calling her. Shannon is weighing whether to re-engage in this old conflict or block him completely for RED FLAG behavior.
How To Turn Around A Bad Day
August 22, 2019
Amber tells Dr. Laura how BAD her day was and how it all turned around when her 3-year-old daughter tuned in to Dr. Laura by herself.
How Can I Stop Snapping at People?
August 21, 2019
Megan is moving across country to start her PhD. As the date approaches, she finds herself becoming increasingly nervous and short-tempered with friends and family.
My Mother-In-Law Is In The Wrong - Part 2
August 20, 2019
Dawn's husband was molested by his older brother when they were very young. Dawn and her husband have tried to maintain zero contact with his brother, who is now in jail for molestation, but his mother continues to pass along letters and keep in contact with her jailed son. How does Dawn tell her mother-in-law that this is unacceptable to them and will not be tolerated?
My Mother-In-Law Is In The Wrong - Part 1
August 20, 2019
Dawn's husband was molested by his older brother when they were very young. Dawn and her husband have tried to maintain zero contact with his brother, who is now in jail for molestation, but his mother continues to pass along letters and keep in contact with her jailed son. How does Dawn tell her mother-in-law that this is unacceptable to them and will not be tolerated?
Dealing With Loss
August 19, 2019
Scott lost numerous family members over the years and was able to emotionally cope with the losses...or so he thought. Recently his dog of 7 years passed away and Scott finds himself "unable" to cope with the grief and sadness.
My Friends Are Taking Advantage Of Me
August 16, 2019
Kaitlyn is 13 and is having trouble being assertive around friends she believes are taking advantage of her kind and helpful nature.
You Changed The Way I See My Work
August 16, 2019
Penny is a hospice nurse who was deeply moved by a call regarding a mother battling cancer and her remaining time with her 5-year-old daughter. Penny shares that she has since evoked Dr. Laura's message of 'making memories' with her patients.
I Want More Children But My Husband Doesn't
August 16, 2019
Anita is married with two kids and she is trying to deal with sadness over her husband's disinterest in having any more children.