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Jack doesn't want to give in to Debbie's deal breaker...
October 30, 2014
Debbie wants a prenup, but her husband-to-be, Jack, feels insulted by the very idea. Is this a reason these two should not be wed?
Debbie has lost her focus and purpose in life.
October 29, 2014
Debbie's son died 11 months ago and her friends want her to move on.
Should Sabrina start dating again?
October 28, 2014
Sabrina didn't date while raising her two sons by herself. But now that her boys are away at college, she wonders if she should attempt a second chance at love...
Mya feels threatened by her daughter's bio mom...
October 27, 2014
New grandmama Mya doesn't want her daughter's birth mother to have anything to do with her grandbaby. Is Mya being unreasonable?
How can Linda stop her feelings from getting the better of her?
October 24, 2014
Linda knows that the ship has sailed on her last relationship, but the tides of her emotions say otherwise. How can Linda stay on course?
Can Renee and Dan tap into their well of love or has it dried up?
October 23, 2014
Married for 36 years, Renee and Dan are going to couples therapy, but it doesn't seem to be helping much. Renee struggles with understanding that she can only control herself and cannot control Dan. Dan struggles with not treating Renee like a child. But Dr. Laura sees it differently and has an assignment for them...
How can Raquel build a better relationship with her mother-in-law?
October 22, 2014
Raquel's mother-in-law has picked up on Raquel's resentment toward her. The mother- and daughter-in-law relationship is a complicated one and only the two of them can figure out how the puzzle pieces fit. How can Raquel do this?
Should Brianna walk away from her family?
October 21, 2014
When Brianna was younger, her mother stood by and allowed Brianna's stepdad to abuse her and her siblings. Finally out of the house, Brianna never wants to look back, but something is tugging at her heartstrings, preventing her from moving forward...
Mary's family is an all-or-nothing type and she's now on the outs...
October 20, 2014
Over 5 years ago, Mary's siblings stopped talking to her. This is not unusual considering the siblings stopped talking to each other 17 years ago. Yet Mary continues to be heartbroken...
Beth struggles with being unable to forgive her husband...
October 17, 2014
One fateful day, Beth got a call from her husband saying that he had been arrested for child molestation. Ever since then, the life Beth knew and loved has been collapsing around her. But even worse, Beth can't sort out her feelings for the man who made and ruined her family...
John's gift horse was looked in the mouth...
October 16, 2014
While trying to do a good thing, John was stabbed in the back by the very people he was helping. How should he deal with it?
You've heard of Angry Birds? Meet Angry Anna...
October 15, 2014
Anna is having a hard time enjoying her children. She's worried if she lets them have fun, she'll never be able to control them again so she has turned into an angry mother.
Is Kris on the right track to fulfilling her purpose in life?
October 14, 2014
After two broken engagements, Kris finally learned to stop looking to men to give her life meaning. And even though things are going great now, she can't help but look back on the past with wishful thinking...
Follow-up call: Tracy's son no longer hates school...
October 13, 2014
The last time Tracy called the show, her son was extremely frustrated and angry with his performance in school. But after following Dr. Laura's suggestion, Tracy's son now actually WANTS to go to school...
Rachel doesn't trust herself...
October 10, 2014
Whenever Rachel needs to make big life decisions, she calls up a psychic for advice. The question is, why does she trust a scam artist more than herself?
When the baby arrived, Celise and her husband's sex life disappeared...
October 09, 2014
As new parents, Celise and her husband act more like roommates than boyfriend and girlfriend. How can they start growing back together instead of apart?
Angie's thinking about staying with her unfaithful husband...
October 08, 2014
Angie's husband has been having an affair. Why has she not done the healthy thing by getting out?
Why have Barbara's friends suddenly started acting unfriendly?
October 07, 2014
Recently, none of Barbara's friends seem to want to get together with her. What is she doing wrong?
How can Melissa stop letting her damaged past interfere with her marriage?
October 06, 2014
Two traumatic experiences in Melissa's life made her stop feeling lovable: at 8, when she was sexually abused by her brother, and at 24, when she was roofied and raped while out with her friends. It's time for Melissa to learn how to feel lovable again...
Should Jason take a risk and go after his dream?
October 03, 2014
Ever since graduating from college, Jason's life has stalled. How can he turn things around? Perhaps a complete 180 is in order...
Jim has a hard time dealing with others' criticism...
October 02, 2014
Jim is the best at everything - well, everything except dealing with people who tell him he's not the best. Why can't Jim ever accept a serving of humble pie?
Does Megan have time to date?
October 01, 2014
Megan is in college, but her boyfriend and his parents are complaining she doesn't have time to date him.
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