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Is Kris obligated to keep bending over backwards for her mom?
October 13, 2015
With her dad dying of cancer, Kris has spent the last month completely devoted to her mom, but somehow it's never enough. Running on fumes, Kris wonders how much more she can take...
Should Lara leave her husband?
October 12, 2015
Lara's husband seems to care only about himself rather than his wife or their relationship. Should Lara stick it out for the kids or pack her bags?
Hyram caught his wife having an affair...
October 09, 2015
Hyram's wife cheated on him with a past boyfriend. However, the hardest thing for Hyram to face is the fact that he may have driven her to it...
Should Wendy dump her boyfriend?
October 08, 2015
After waiting 36 years, Wendy is finally getting the chance to date the guy she had a crush on in high school. Unfortunately, he's not living up to her fantasy...
Should Dina stand up to her parents?
October 07, 2015
Even though her parents only visit a couple weeks a year, Dina finds them intolerable. Is it time for Dina to stop trying to be the good girl?
Thanks to Dr. Laura's mantra, Michelle is feeling like herself again...
October 06, 2015
The last time Michelle called the show, Dr. Laura gave her some words to help her get through a very difficult time. Now Michelle doesn't need them anymore...
Should Moe apologize to his parents?
October 05, 2015
Moe still holds a grudge against his parents for kicking him out of the house when he was 17. Should he make amends?
Instead of turning to each other, Danielle and Tony have turned on each other in their time of need...
October 02, 2015
The death of Danielle and Tony's dog has caused a rift in their relationship. Danielle wants to get a new puppy, but Tony says his heart hasn't healed yet. Who should give in?
Dr. Laura gives Stephanie a lesson on how to 'MAN'-ipulate...
October 01, 2015
Stephanie says she doesn't feel true to herself using her feminine wiles on her husband, Matthew. How can she be more comfortable with making her guy feel like a man?
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