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Email of the Day: I’d Rather Be Adored Than Endured

By Dr. Laura on October, 14 2021
Email of the Day: I’d Rather Be Adored Than Endured

I married the man I love. I chose wisely. Early on in our marriage, I decided to live by the motto “I’d rather be adored than endured.” I’m not perfect, but I love to take care of him and make him happy. I make sure he comes home to a tidy house, and a wife and children who are happy to see him. I make an effort to look nice for him, and I frequently tell him how much I appreciate the way he takes care of us. He loves sports, and although I don’t, I make sure he has time to watch them or play them, because I know that helps him relax from his work.


I understand his sexual needs and do my best to meet them. I take it as an opportunity to show him how much I love him and love being close to him. I’d never want him to think his desire for me is a nuisance.


And I, as the adored wife, have a husband who treats me like a princess. He loves to make me happy, supporting and encouraging me in whatever I want to do. He opens doors for me, pulls out my chair, is my valet in the rain, and takes care of anything heavy, smelly, yucky, creepy or scary. And I have no doubt he’d lay down his life for me.


I’m so saddened by all the calls from women who think being a great wife is a burden and treat their husbands like the opposing team. I’ve known many women like that and good men who were unappreciated and treated badly. I don’t know why any woman would create an environment in which she is just endured. I love being ADORED by my husband!



I’d Rather Be Adored Than Endured



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