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Email of the Day: Life is Too Short to Be Bitter

By Dr. Laura on July, 30 2020
Email of the Day: Life is Too Short to Be Bitter

I am 54 years old  and married for 31 years. I have become very bitter to my husband over things that have happened throughout the years.  Last year was really bad, so I went to buy your book, "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands," but did not buy it -- instead the more I read it in the store, the madder I got.  I thought: How come he isn't making the effort...Why do I have to, after all the things he's done to me and the marriage?  I just didn't care anymore. Then he asked me to go away for a night to spend some time together and my heart skipped a beat and I realized we still had that โ€œthing.โ€  And even though we ended up not going, I knew our feelings were not dead.


Then I planned a trip to visit my sons and finally decided to buy your book to read during my trip. My husband was to join us in three days. I started reading Monday night and by Thursday was a new person. I took your advice and the next night (after an intimate encounter), my husband was saying things to me like: โ€œWhere have you been? This is the Kathy I fell in love withโ€ฆโ€  He has been so different โ€ฆmore loving and caring in every way.  We wives really do have the power.

Life is too short to be bitter.  I'm done with that. I like how he looks at me and wonders what got into me.  Thank you, Dr. Laura.  It really works. We have each other, and I plan to make the most of that.


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