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Email of the Day: Spreading a Little Sunshine

By Dr. Laura on July, 29 2020
Email of the Day: Spreading a Little Sunshine

Back in April, I saw a post from a local mother asking if anyone had an old bike or smaller items they might be willing to donate so her children could have Easter baskets.  The mom said she had no car, and a son had recently been placed back with her after her ex had a drug relapse.  She had two younger children and wanted the bike for her son.  I told her I would pick up some things for them for the baskets. 


I bought the items, disinfected them (since we were already in quarantine) and found her home in a little trailer park.  It was 90 degrees and she had all the windows cranked open.  My heart went out to her.  I knew her life wasn’t easy, but maybe I could bring a little happiness.  She came out and keeping our distance, I dropped off the small items and I even threw in a big package of toilet paper which was not easy to find at that time.  She was grateful and thanked me.

That’s when I saw her son come up on a bike!  Someone from the area had donated one to him.  This skinny little kid was the most beautiful child to me, smiling and riding his bike and enjoying every minute.  So, the saying is true:  we may all be apart now, but we truly can be all together!


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