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Email of the Day: The Best Decision I Ever Made

By Dr. Laura on June, 14 2021
Email of the Day: The Best Decision I Ever Made

I was a stay-at-home mom to my kids when they were little, until my youngest started school. I’m a teacher and began teaching in their school. At first, I thought it was a perfect arrangement, because we all went together in the morning and left together in the afternoon. I taught for four years like that. I was exhausted all the time, had little patience for my family, got take-out meals five times a week and was constantly struggling to keep my house clean.


So last year (before the pandemic even hit), I decided that I wouldn’t be coming back for the next school year. It’s been the best decision I ever made. Just because my children are older and in school doesn’t mean they don’t need me. Now I’m able to do all the regular work (laundry, grocery shopping) when they’re at school and then I’m truly available to them emotionally and physically when they’re home. Everyone (including my husband) is happier. My husband calls me his β€œlife manager” as I take care of so much for our family. This all was driven home to me when I recently dropped off my 15-year-old daughter and I caught her staring at me, with tears in her eyes. She said β€œI just love you so much. You’re the best mom, and I’m so lucky. I’m so glad you’re not working; it’s so much better than before.” And I have to add it’s all been worth it.



The Best Decision I Ever Made


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